Monday, June 17, 2024

Ministry of Health develops disaster risk recovery guidelines


Ministry of Health Knowledge Translation Specialist, Rose Masilani says recovering from the effects of a disaster is one task which requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

Ms Masilani said it is for this reason that the Ministry of Health has developed disaster risk recovery guidelines that need to be implemented in a multi-sectoral approach.

She said this when she made a presentation during a health sector emergencies and disaster risk recovery guidelines dissemination meeting with various stakeholders in Solwezi today.

Ms Masilani said the real effects of disasters are felt when the disaster is over.

She however, stated that mitigation of the effects can only be made possible if all key stakeholders play their role and take keen interest in promoting health in the country.

“We need to focus on the recovery process and ensure that we have minimum disruption to the lives of our people and the economy,” Ms Masilani said.

She said though the Ministry of Health is mandated to ensure the nation is healthy, they can only achieve this if every stakeholder plays its role in maintaining good health.

Ms Masilini said an oversight in one area such as child health development can easily trigger an even bigger health problem.

“This document helps us to be more coordinated and to be more effective communicators,” she said.

Ms Masilani has since called on every government ministry and private sector to take keen interest in the document so as to promote good health for a prosperous nation.

In a separate presentation, Environmental Health Officer, Agness Mbewe said for preparedness committees to attain tangible results, all stakeholders both in public and private sectors should be involved.

“Every individual is important in this committee because it is a multi-sectoral approach that we want to use,” Ms Mbewe said.

Meanwhile North-Western Provincial Public Health Specialist, Kizito Sampa said multi-sectoral approach is the way to go if the country is to recover quickly from effects of disasters.

Dr Sampa said everyone can testify to the effects of Covid-19 that it did not only affect the health sector but everyone hence, the need for everyone to take interest.


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