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Leadership is About Respect and Honour


Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Mr and Mrs “Godless” had three children. The baby was called HUMANISM, the teenager was called SOCIALISM and the adult was called COMMUNISM. All the children call each other COMRADES.

I will never be a Socialist and I do not believe Zambia shall ever return to socialism. Life is progressive. Different ideologies serve different seasons. To insist on keeping an ideology whose purpose has expired is retrogressive in every sense.
I will never be a socialist because I am a Christian and Zambia shall not return to Socialism because she is now a Christian Nation.
In early 80’s our founding President Kenneth Kaunda decided to graduate his policy of humanism to the next level which he called SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM. As a young Pastor in Kitwe, I led a group of Church leaders who opposed this intention. We fought until Dr Kaunda dropped the idea.

We understood then as we understand now that the underlying belief of socialism is that God is not the center of all activity but man. It further suggested that Christianity was a hindrance to the smooth propagation of socialism and its elder brother, communism.
It is for this reason we had so much persecution of Christians in Eastern Europe, USSR and China. We called these communities the IRON CURTAIN nations. The few Churches in these countries became known as “Under ground churches.” Christians were imprisoned, killed publicly sometimes being fed to lions in public arenas.

It is for this reason that the path of socialism cannot be the Zambian path as we have already chosen to become a Christian Nation.
I shall leave the discussion of the actual meaning the socialist ideology to a later date.

The reason for this short introductory note however, is to state that as much opposed as I am to socialism, I have no moral or even legal right to call those who believe in it as twits, minions or puppets. Leadership is about honor and respect for each other’s beliefs. That’s the intention of a democratic dispensation. I am therefore appalled by colleagues in the name of politics that belittle, insult and disrespect those who hold different views.

If one has an issue with a friend I hang out with, insulting or belittling me is not the mature way of expressing such a concern. State your case and let the people judge who has a more helpful friend.
Time to abandon politics of hate is now. We have an opportunity to start afresh as a nation. We can build a strong nation on the rainbow of our differences.

Let me close by stating that, it is an insult to my intellect and pan african spirit for someone to suggest that since I have friends in the Brenthurst Foundation then I have surrendered my brains to those friends. Those days are over. These days relationships must be mutually beneficial without a big and young brother. Zambia is not inferior to the US. We are partners who can agree and disagree on many things, and that we have done, many times. But we cannot be an island in a moving global community.

Let us integrate without losing who we are in the process. We are mature enough to achieve this.


  1. Here goes this upndcadre again spewing hot ma2uvi garbage. His mmd is non existent and it is clear he is after a job from upnd. Grow the eff up nevers

  2. Dr. Pastor, or is Pastor Dr. Nevers Mumba, who is this writeup aimed at? You should have had the balls to start this with, DEAR FRED M’MEMBE.

    You are a coward.

    • @Anthony Bwalya UPND, let the truth be told. This is why we perish because we follow blindly. Before you start saying terrible things please follow the Socialist ideology then you will understand what Dr Mumba is saying to Fred Mmembe with so much respect. Fred Mmembe is a bitter man that can not change anything about Zambia given a chance to govern. People like you are going to follow blindly and destroy our country when we can build this nation.

  3. So socialists can’t be christian? That’s the same nonsense as religious leaders being politicians – because they’re not.

  4. During his childhood, Kaizer Zulu was fixated in the “anal stage “ . He thinks like a 3 year old. He is concerned with bowel control and probably he is still bed wetting. He needs help!

  5. Really? Socialism, humanism and communism are evil?
    And capitalism is Christian?
    This is the argument that Nevers Mumba will make?
    Wow. Just wow.

  6. Very apt explanation. Membe whos going nowhere thinks he’s the most intelligent human being on earth.membe has too much faith in his beliefs .but electoral wise hes a nobody bcoz he lacks principles..

  7. Well articulated Doc…
    People need to very careful this time around and avoid being duped by all manner of fake politicians peddling all sorts of fake things like socialism which they do NOT even believe in themselves.
    How did PF gain traction ?? more money in your pockets !! Pro-poor policies !! they shouted… what were they doing in the meantime?? fattening themselves with all manner of corrupt contracts and just pure theft and plunder.
    Who has more money in their pockets now ????? PF politicians of course…….. I rest my case..

    • @The Citizen you have a good point, it’s very sad in our country how we have so many people with crazy ideologies even when don’t have an idea of what they get into. Unfortunately Zambians follow blindly because of poverty. A lot of people will follow Mmembe as long as he feeds their empty stomach. Politics in our country now is about who can feed my stomach, this is why we have people like Chishimba Kambwili and Bowman Lusambo still believe that one day they will govern us.

    • @Imbwa, you really are a Imbwa. That’s all you can come up with. What do you understand about Socialism. Follow blindly until you perish. Schooling is very important. The problem with social media now is that everyone has become so intelligent now because you can post some Thor comment on anything makes you smart. In reality you are just showing your ignorance. Who even come up with a blog name as Imbwa!

    • That’s why Sata once said “what ever Nevers touches turns into dust”

      Just look at what has remained of MMD now.

  8. This leech was hell bent to see that the MMD never took off. Finally the MMD formed government. Somehow he licked someone’s backside and ended up as republic VP. And finally he buried the MMD.

  9. I’ve known Nervers as a self-centered hypocrite since his days at Lakes Fisheries in Kitwe. He wants to preach respect because it suits him. Isn’t this the man who cursed late Mannaseh Phiri when he discontinued useless christian programs on ZNBC? How did he treat Mutati recently? He’s not a youth so when will he repent?

  10. Let him lead by example by handing over the MMD to a generation who can make an impact otherwise you are just a vuvuzela.

  11. How can someone who was collecting donations on TV preaching the lies and pocketing the funds building mansions be a socialists …really laughable

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