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Agriculture mechanization important to govt – Mutati


Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati, says Government places agriculture mechanisation and value addition at the apex of its agenda.

Mr Mutati says Government is keen to increase food production through mechanisation in a quest to reduce poverty levels in the country.

Mr Mutati says the dream to improve and increase tonnage of maize and other cereals through public, private sector collaboration is of great importance.

Speaking during the signing of a letter of intent with CAMCO, which is one of the largest suppliers of assorted machinery in Zambia, Mr Mutati said mechanisation will increase maize tonnage in the country.

“Today my Ministry and CAMCO have signed a letter of intent in which we have both expressed our desire to collaborate by way of establishing manufacturing hubs of equipment and machinery in TEVET colleges,” he said.

The Minister said the letter of intent signed means that CAMCO now will buy some of the machinery and equipment for sale in its show rooms from TEVET colleges.

He noted that through the initiative Government will help to build capacity in TEVET colleges through technology transfer.

“My Ministry stands ready to trigger and accelerate the industrialisation agenda our country through technological development.

He said Government is committed to work with investors who are keen to help Zambia accelerate its industrialisation agenda especially those that are directed at achieving Agriculture mechanisation and value addition.

And CAMCO Marketing Director, Benard Chiwala said with the increase in population in the country, mechanising Agriculture is critical to increase food production.

Engineer Chiwala added that there is a huge difference between farmers who are using a hoe and a Tractor in terms of tonnage.

He said Zambia can stop importing farm produce once Agriculture mechanisation is embraced adding that CAMCO offers hi-tech machinery that can change the country in terms of food production.

CAMCO is a registered company operating in Zambia since 1998 and is now partnering with Government to provide machinery especially for Agricultural purposes among others.


  1. I think this ministry must be scrapped. Mutati is everywhere, ministry of health, education and now Agriculture.

  2. Good move, but where do we draw the line between Conservation agriculture and capital intensive mechanised agriculture! Zambia currently constitutes 96% small scale farmers who have use conventional farming technologies. It is not only about scaling up agricultural productivity but also sustaining the planned transition to mechanised agriculture.

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