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Spanish firm Elecnor wins 23 million Euro contract to refurbish Zesco’s network in Lusaka


Spanish company Elecnor has been awarded a contract in Zambia for the refurbishment of Zesco’s electricity network in Lusaka.

This is the Brownfield Project which, with a value of EUR 23 million, is expected to create over 600 jobs.

The work has been divided into two packages.

The first corresponds to the neighbourhoods of Garden, Mandevu and Ngwerere, in the northern metropolitan area and the second covers the neighbourhoods of John Howard and Chawama, in the south.

The project includes both the construction of the new networks and the refurbishment of the existing ones and their interconnection to the new infrastructure.

The contract has been awarded by the National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund.

Also collaborating on this project are Zesco Ltd., as the supervisor, and the independent company Intec-GOPA, as the supervisor’s representative.

The work will be executed using specific equipment and machinery, given the difficulties the area presents: it is densely populated and characterised by narrow streets and difficult access.

This situation means it will be necessary to do the work manually on many occasions.

Elecnor in Africa Elecnor has had a presence on the African continent since the 1980s.

Currently, there are over 2,300 people on the Group’s staff in Africa.


  1. Awarded to upnd funders when we have highly capable companies in zambia that can do the same job for less money

  2. When in the opposition they were saying all contracts will be given to zambian i believe this contract is also awarded to zambians

  3. @2 TIKKI
    You’re part of the problem… don’t believe in your own kind….do you think the Spanish government can award a contract to a Zambian company????……and the answer is NEVER……yes because we don’t believe in ourselves and we think the colonial masters are the best

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