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President Hichilema heads to North Western Province for two days working visit


President Hakainde Hichilema is tomorrow expected in North Western Province for a two day working visit.

The President is expected to officiate at the ground breaking ceremony of the nickel mine in Kalumbila district on Tuesday and also commission a fruit processing plant in Mwinilunga district on Wednesday July 27th 2022.

ZANIS reports that Provincial Minister, Robert Lihefu confirmed the development during a media briefing in Solwezi today.

“The President arrives in Kalumbila on Tuesday 26th July 2022 to the groundbreaking ceremony of the Enterprise Nickel mine, thereafter His Excellency will proceed to commission the Kalene hills fruit processing plant in Mwinilunga district on Wednesday, 27th July 2022,” Mr Lihefu said.

The Provincial Minister said the two projects are important to the province as they will provide job and wealth creation opportunities for the local people.

Mr Lihefu said the pineapple farmers will now have an opportunity to be part of the value addition chain that will feed the fruit processing plant while the nickel mine will also provide business opportunities for the local contractors.

“As you may be aware, the growth in any production increases wealth in the country and ends poverty while on the other hand our people will have jobs and supply chain opportunities,” Mr Lihefu said.

He said local contractors and farmers will be given priority when it comes to supply opportunities at the nickel mine and the fruit processing plant.


  1. Mr. President you are very hard working President we have, only those that never voted for you will appreciate your works in the 5 year mandate we have been given Sir. God Bless Zambia and may your Enemies live long especially Antonio Mwanza and Kaizar Zulu and the whole Clique of thieves

  2. A clown of a president who just talks and rants and moves around with no actions. Hot garbage from his mouth. My president is still ecl. I cannot recognise a petty boy like hh

  3. Gone are the days when the President goes on working visits on Friday comes back on Tuesday so he can party all weekend and inconvenience civil servants plus add more pressure on the tresuary.

    • Fuseke iwe. Continue kissing hhs backside and yet you continue struggling there abroad. If your fellow tribal president is so good why haven’t you moved back here? You are worse than a dog

  4. Lumbani madoda praise singers Tarino Orange has orgasm just seeing his small god HH waste tax payers money

  5. Arrest Lungu and his criminal wife. Please, arrest other problematic PF members. Throw all of them into correctional centers around Zambia. Do not be scared of them because they are spent cartilages. PF members are abusing their freedoms, hence, they must be arrested for previous crimes and abusing the current government. Please, sir, show all arrogant PF members that you are here to restore law and order. This should be done by arresting PF members and Lungu for outstanding offences and for showing contempt of the current government. Thank you and viva UPND, viva HH and viva all Zambians except Lungu and his disciples.


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