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Do not stigmatize menstrual hygiene – DC


A senior Government official in Senga Hill District in Northern Province has urged people to take menstrual hygiene as a normal factor.

District Commissioner, Jestus Sikazwe said menstruation is a normal factor which should not be considered as a taboo.

Mr. Sikazwe explained that menstruation is a biological being of a woman which should be respected.

The District Commissioner said this when Action Aid held a Menstrual Hygiene Day Commemoration in Tanzuka area of Senga Hill District.

And Action Aid Northern Hub Coordinator, Ian Mutuna said the organization felt it is important to continue with the commemoration of the day even if it had passed.

Mr. Mutuna explained that the message that had come with the day is still important which should continue to be spread.

He added that menstruation has not been accepted by many as a normal factor which has led to many women and girls to lag behind in participating in many developmental activities.

He said many girls have dropped out of school for fear of being laughed at when they mess themselves during menstruation.

Mr. Mutuna said this and many other myths that come with menstruation should be dealt with and be abolished.

Sub Chief Tanzuka has urged people in his area to move away from the old ways of treating menstruation as a taboo.

The sub chief said women especially should play a key role by starting to explain well to their children that menstruation is normal.

He said by doing so, the theme of making menstruation a normal factor by 2030 will be achieved.


  1. Something wrong with this picture …here is a man talking about stigmation of menstrual hygene, Mr. D.C doesnt the govt provide free hygiene pads?

  2. The men are a big part of this stigmatisation. Although I would have loved a woman leading this kind of pro-active crusade. Men are not barred because humanity consists of male and female

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