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My administration on the verge of success – HH


President Hakainde Hichilema says Government will only borrow with the approval of Parliament this year, onwards.

President Hichilema says this decision will henceforth be backed by the law when a bill is passed in parliament.

Speaking during a plenary session during the Special Meeting for Heads of Quasi Government institutions in Lusaka last evening, Mr Hichilema said borrowing will only be done by his government for investment and not consumption.

“We will have to put a law, it’s not yet law, the loans contraction bill. We will not borrow without Parliamentary oversight going forward,” he said.

He has thus directed heads of Quasi Government institutions to comply with Government’s desire to stop being extravagant.

Stressing that life of extravagance is among reasons why Zambia is indebted, President Hichilema called for prudence in the way statutory bodies manage resources.

Mr Hichilema asked them ( Heads of Quasi government institutions ) to always remember that their institutions run with public resources.

The President also directed that the contracts made during procurement processes need to be re-designed to ensure that they work closely with the private sector.

Stating that the Public Private Dialogue Forum ( established recently ) is a vehicle they should use to attain the partnership, Mr Hichilema said his administration is on the verge of success, however to attain this, input from all stakeholders is required.

He said citizens are eager to see the much needed results hence the need for hard work.

Meanwhile, Quasi Government heads have been asked to submit to the President reports of recommendations from the respective institutions in ten days’ time.

The reports will submitted to the Acting Secretary to the Cabinet’s office.

Acting Secretary to the Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa confirmed this during the closing ceremony of the Special Meeting.


  1. Napsa managing Director should up his game on the issue of zambia national provident funds payment to all the beneficiaries regardless of age and partial payment of napsa as promised by President HH

  2. The economic benefits have not yet started being felt by Zambians………..

    What ever change Zambians are noticing is due to the rule of law and normal governance…………

    The fact that the administration went to work on cost savings, anti corruption and prudent economics right from day one is working in their favour………..

    We expect , by 2024/5 most opposition leaders to be reduced to street corner preaching with a card board billboard , alone , because …….

    Zambians will be too busy reaping the benefits of the work of this administration.

  3. Successful is seen from different angles…. when you are well fed you will see success. But when you have to struggle you see failure.

  4. Success?
    Cooking oil prices still high
    Police roadblocks are back with officers demanding even higher bribes
    Just calling out “success” doesn’t mean it’s true
    Corruption remains rampant without any view to success
    Old school PF-ers are getting their voice back, even Edgar China Lungu!

    • You left out thefts of household items. Thieves are stealing with impunity because there’s no police presence in our townships. Stolen items are openly sold at Chisokone market. You can’t claim because you risk being beaten by these market touts.

    • I request the relevant authorities to arrest the person calling himself Kaizar Zulu on this platform. Insults or insinuations of such to our leaders must never be tolerated.

  5. In his head YES – The know-it-all guy enjoys praising himself and misrepresenting others ….”We” did this…”We” will do this, “We” will that .. etc when he actually means what he will personally do or believes… Dikitata in making, he is surely loving it.

  6. When Fools Congregate they talk about Other people and forget Themselves.
    Do not ask what Zambia can do for you but what you can do for Zambia.

  7. No more cadres and a steady exchange rate is what we have seen so far. We would like to see more as you click one year in office.

    • Of course they have changed the name to Praise Singer. Beating up people has continued but of course you can’t see it because you are no longer on the receiving end.

  8. Some people should be barred from posting here. They only know insults. Is that what we come to read here?

  9. A puppet of the West… without shame and no conscious, We may label Edgar Lungu i think in terms of Sovereignty of Zambia Edgar had that..Wait and see how worms from the West will take over mining companies…I still don’t understand how someone can give mining companies tax holiday…

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