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Commissioning projects started by the PF will keep HH busy for most part of his first term in office


Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson for Commerce Sylvia Chalikosa predicted that commissioning projects that were started by the PF regime will keep President Hakainde Hichilema busy for most part of his first term in office.

Ms. Chalikosa has said the work left by the PF regime has continued to create jobs for many Zambians countrywide.

Ms. Chalikosa’s comment comes as President Hichilema prepares to commission the long awaited 150-million dollar Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project on Friday.

According to the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation Public Relations Unit, once commissioned, the project is expected to end water blues and challenges of sanitation in most parts of Lusaka and surrounding areas.

The project will benefit mainly residents of Lusaka and will result in the construction of a new raw water abstraction station on the Kafue River.

In a media statement, Ms. Chalikosa, the former Minister of Works and Supply said she was pleased to note that PF initiated projects under the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Administration are bearing fruit as planned.

The former Mpika Central Member of Parliament cited the Kalene Fruit Processing Plant commissioned by President Hichilema as one of many PF initiated projects started by the PF.

“I for one I am very happy to note that PF initiated projects under the Edgar Chagwa Lungu Administration are literally bearing fruit as intended and planned. The Kalene Fruit Processing Plant commissioned by President HH, is one of many more PF initiated projects to come. The Kalene project in Mwinilunga, North Western Province, was started by Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), as part of the PF industrialisation and value addition drive. A similar plant has been set up in Katete, Eastern Province and was commissioned by the practical, hands on Former President ECL, testimony that PF means well for the people of Zambia across all ten Provinces,” Ms. Chalikosa said.

“Other such huge PF projects of national importance include the ZNS Solar Milling Plant in Mpika, Muchinga Province, commenced in 2015 and commissioned by current Minister of Defence, Hon Ambrose Lifuma MP of the UPND Government. The intention of this Solar Milling Plant is to reduce cost of mealie; however this requires timely distribution of maize production inputs which so far has eluded the current Government, as we patiently look forward to the promised K250 bag of fertiliser and K50 bag of mealie meal,” she said.

Ms. Chalikosa said PF we continue to envisage a Zambia for all Zambians without leaving any one behind.

“The Mwomboshi Dam in Chisamba, Central Province commenced in 2016 and commissioned by Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in 2018 is to support crop irrigation and fish farming sectors. For those who care to read, other equally impactful projects left in the pipeline by the PF Government, are readily accessible in the PF manifesto. President HH will be very busy over the most part of his first term in office, commissioning many such important, life changing PF projects, abruptly left at various stages of development,” Ms. Chalikosa.

“In 2018, the PF launched a National Industrial Policy with the vision, “To be an industrialised and competitive nation with a diversified, innovative and globally competitive industrial base, which contributes to sustainable growth and employment creation by 2027.” The Policy also outlined the overall objective “to transform Zambia from a producer and exporter of primary products into a net exporter of value added goods utilising local primary resources with increased citizens’ participation. As such we hope that in addition to the pineapples of Mwinilunga, bananas will also be put to good use at the Kalene Fruit Processing Plant! I take this opportunity to congratulate wholly Zambian owned, Trade Kings Limited, on the award of Best African Manufacturers by the African Union Commission in collaboration with the Africa Business Councils PF we continue to envisage a Zambia for all Zambians leaving no one behind,” she said.


  1. The fact that you didn’t commission them during your time makes you failures and HH a success

    • No ba Patriotic Zambian. The madness is in you for thinking that Zambians should be thankful for people investing their money. It is like going to say thank you to a banker for keeping your money. The only things Zambians should be thankful for is a better way of life and standard of living and PF at the end of their mandate corroded all that. The previous 10 years were better than PFs 10 years. Let us see how UPND do.

  2. The PF also commissioned MMD projects including Kafue Lower Gorge, Airport expansions, Levey mwanawasa stadium (originally Ndola stadium by MMD), Levy Mwanawasa Hospital (originally Lusaka Hospital by MMD), Mongu-Kalabo road etc

  3. They are very happy to OWN the projects that they initiated but never the huge debt they brought upon the Zambian people. Why not say that the debt that PF left will keep HH busy for the rest of his life.

  4. We would rather not have 99% of the project PF claims to have incepted. All of them have left us in debt amounting to far more than they cost or could ever repay us in value.

    To PF, please give back these projects to whoever you got them from, and wipe out the $30 billion in debt you have left us with. If you do that, we won’t even ask you to account for $3 billion you inherited in state coffers from Rupiah Banda, and the mysteriously made to disappear..

  5. I wonder why I never hear such arguments in developed democracies such as the US? Donald Trump just leaves and Biden takes over with his new plans

  6. Any proper functiong GRZ would have done those projects and not left such a hudge debt………….

    Everything seems was overpriced for PF………….

  7. Even PF commissioned projects that were started by MMD because all projects are built using by tax payers money, public money and not Party money. It is not PF’s project because HH contributed to the same projects by paying tax

  8. We don’t have party projects, we have government projects. The government that takes over commissions them because no PF money was used to build them but government of the republic of Zambia money.

  9. The PF Govt really work. I give them 9 out 10…i have never been under leadership so far that worked like PF in short time… UPND should just stop shooting down PF projects.. People are seeing them and using them. UPND should now tell people what they are going to do now

  10. Don’t 4get, PF also left the economy 31 billion poorer….pf’s time was Chinas time and lots of countries in Africa enjoyed massive infrastructure developments thru kaloba but late TZ president pulled it off by developing TZ through its own resources….nothing special. Check out the Kenya expressway, Zimbabwe parly Ethiopia etc n you’ll see that everything came about by Chinas new approach on Africa. Mule belenga.

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