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Munir Zulu Suspended from Parliament for threatening to grab the Speakers’ Mace


Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu has been suspended from Parliament for threatening to grab The Speakers’ Mace which the Sergeant-at-Arms was holding.

The Speakers’ Mace at Sergeant-at-Arms is a symbol of the authority of The Speaker.

Mr Zulu’s suspension from Parliament for 1O days is a result of gross misconduct, indiscipline and disrespecting The Speaker and requesting the Sergeant-at-Arms to call for more security as there would be a fist fight in Parliament.

The suspension came to light after The Speaker of the National Assembly gave a ruling against Mr Zulu concerning his conduct on Wednesday 23rd March, 2022 when the First Deputy Speaker was conducting business.

When The Speaker put the question of whether Mr Zulu should be suspended, a division vote was called by Members of Parliament mostly those from the opposition.

The suspension came to pass after 66 MPs voted in favour of the suspension while 50 MPs voted against suspension.

Based on the vote in the House, it was resolved that Mr Zulu be suspended for 10 days for being found guilty of breaching the Standing Orders of the House and in these 10 days, he will not be allowed to enter Parliament building nor the parliamentary motel and during his suspension, he will not be entitled to any allowances.

Many Members of Parliament described Mr Zulu as a childish and unreasonable member.

Mr Zulu was ordered to leave the House and only return on the 5th of August, 2022.

And Mr Zulu took to his Facebook page to express disappointment on the reason for his suspension for the Point of Order that was raised had nothing to do with The Speaker’s Mace but threats towards a certain Sergeant-of-Arms that he genuinely doesn’t even know in person.

He added that a lot of online news sites are running stories that he intended to grab the Mace, but he has all written correspondence with him and at no point did he respond to the matter of attempting to grab the Mace.

“As I consult Lawyers on the way forward, I will either make the documents public or use them at the right time,” he noted

Mr Zulu further noted that the matter relating to an apology he made on the floor of the house and not when he was erroneously chased from the House on Thursday 21st July 2022.

“So, colleagues don’t judge too early as the intention is to keep some sect mute in the house but worry not when wrong I will apologise but to be compelled to be a ‘Mr Yes’ to everything is not part of me and my background,” he said

He expressed gratitude to the 50 Members of Parliament that supported him by voting against his suspension from Parliament building.

Mr Zulu explained that he agrees that his debates have not been well received by the authorities but to be chased for being in his seat is ugly as he has been chased out of the House for merely answering questions and just seating in Parliament.

He stated that a lot of the support staff are being used to create a situation that abrogates Parliamentary etiquette but he agrees that being chased or suspended from Parliament is a planned move.

“How possible is it that even when am quiet am chased out of the House and at the same time standing orders that bind members are extended to the same support staff that are not elected by anyone,” he stated

“How is it that civil servants at Parliament suddenly play to the standing orders when they have their own code of conduct,” he said

Meanwhile, The Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti has been warning Members of Parliament against conduct likely to breach the decorum of the House after noticing a tendency of late coming and noise which disrupt the business of the House.

The speaker said this when she reminded MPs on standing orders on parliamentary decorum and etiquette.

She has since cautioned that such tendencies will not be allowed to continue, adding that MPs who report late to the house will be removed from the sitting of the day.


  1. This boy is wasting a valuable seat !!! too childish for my liking,his conduct is straight out of his thuggish elder brother’s playbook,what do you expect ????

  2. Whats there to consult the lawyer on? Just accept the ten punishment and behave like a honorable in future

  3. The parliament is equal to the justice department. The courts of law cannot tell the parliament how to conduct its business. What arrogant and uninformed *****

  4. The parliament is equal to the justice department. The courts of law cannot tell the parliament how to conduct its business, anymore than the parliament can tell the courts what decision to render in a court case. What kind of arrogant and uninformed member of parliament is this?

  5. Let the speaker expel this time wasting fool. we nedd development in Lundazi and not this nonsense daily. We need a new serious MP

  6. They are trying to silence and stifle my blood. You cannot keep a king down. You won’t manage. We come from a lineage of strong and principled great men and women. Fear not my brother. You will lead this country one day

  7. Thats what you get Lumezi for giving someone votes just because they have dug boreholes for the community. Also the money Munir used to drill all these boreholes was stolen by PF from the Zambians. Lumezi you’re being held hostage, to make matters worse is you have to pay the ransom.

  8. It is a sad day in the parliamentary life of Zambia. That persons who are fortunate not only to be bestored with the accolade of hon, have access to a salary, a car loan tax free of up to 150,000$, 3000 per sitting and a diplomatic passport should opt to lower themselves into always threatening violence…when in society certain behaviors have to be set aside for the good of the many…you have to uphold some decorum befitting the rank of MP…take time to reflect on why you were kicked and know you are not the first nor the last to those privileges’ you now enjoy….

  9. In the days of UNIP, not every Dick, Tom and Harry was allowed to stand for elections. There was vetting, based on character, for all candidates. There was no way this chap could have passed the vetting


    Nelly has brought this mess on herself.

    When the constitutional court ruled against her decision to evict PF MPs, that is the day she should either

    1. Resigned as speaker or

    2. Apologized to Zambians.

    She did nothing, shame on her.

    No wonder, this is the end result, she has lost confidence of members and general citizens.

    There will be more discontent, it’s time to make an apology, vacate the seat.

    Then Parliament can move forward with dignity.

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