Saturday, February 24, 2024

Government committed to reduce cost of living


Vice President, Mutale Nalumango has assured Zambians that government is doing everything possible to ensure that the cost of living is stabilised.

MRs Nalumango said noted that the cost of living will be stabilized through the various foreign and local investment initiatives that the government is putting in place.

She stated that people should not only focus on how the prices of some commodities have gone up but look at how the economy is stabilising.

The Vice President said this today in Parliament during the Vice President’s question and answer session.

“Government will continue attracting investments and also creating employment for the people so that there can be money in circulation and the impact of the inflation rate will not be felt by the people,” she said.

She said government remains committed to ensuring that people’s incomes are improved through the various empowerment initiatives government is putting in place such as the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

During the session, Bwacha Member of Parliament, Sydney Muchanga wanted to know what government is doing to ensure that the economy is stabilised owing to the single digit inflation rate.

Mr Muchanga wondered why the inflation rate continues to go down but people’s lives have not been improved.


  1. Fuseke you already committed to do this during election campaign so why haven’t you done it. You are useless

    • 32 000 jobs have been added to the economy and soon another 30, 000 will be recruited in other civil service departments. In my home town of Lukulu, that means 100 pay checks injected into the local economy and guess who gets to benefit: grocery stores, bars, markets, prostitutes etc. That is growth for you!

  2. Meanwhile your bank account is full, your fridge is full, your stomach is full and your fuel tanks are all full… and I have to wait until God knows when.
    As a Bishop in your church I am sure you know that Jesus served first before he could be served.

    • INDEPENDENT OBSERVER said I should not call you du.ll, but I don’t have any other description of you……..

      Zambia is not a socialist country, there will always be the well-off and the worse off……..

      The people are just glad they got rid of those PF thugs…………

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