Saturday, June 15, 2024

Health applicants crowd daily mail offices


An overwhelming number of applicants have surrounded the Zambia Daily Mail Limited offices in Lusaka as printing of the newspapers is being finalized in readiness for distribution.

A check by ZANIS found a crowd of people waiting for the release of the newspapers.

Today’s Newspaper has names of the over 11,000 recruited health workers as announced by the Acting Minister of Health and Chief Government spokesperson Chushi Kasanda yesterday.

Natasha Chewe told ZANIS in an interview that she came to wait for the papers at the Zambia Daily Mail officers because she was anxiously waiting to see if her name was in the papers.

She narrated that she is optimistic that her name will be among the successful applicants but was, however, ready to accept the outcome of the result.

“It is a very tough situation having to wait here not knowing if your name is there or not but I just remain positive,” she said.

Another applicant, Gladwell Matakala said he was eagerly waiting for people to check for him.

Mr. Matakala said being unemployed is tough, but expressed gratitude to the government for undertaking the just ended health recruitment exercise.

He said the government should continue on this trajectory, adding that there are many youthful graduates who remain unemployed, with some having lost hope to get into formal employment.

Earlier this year the government embarked on a countrywide recruitment exercise of over 11, 000 health workers to improve delivery of health services in the country, and yesterday, 11, 276 health workers were recruited by the government.


  1. Is this what the country has been reduced to under upnd? They make you think that a job is doing you a favour..remember that they are failing to pay council workers, so you must be retarded if you think all of you recruited will get your salaries every month and on time.

    • Council workers should not be paid by government in the first place. Councils should be self sufficient and ideally should contribute to national coffers.

  2. True but if you look at the councils, they are very incompetent. They can raise all the money they need for operations from rates personal levy, stall fees, and plenty other charges but they are too lazy to effect them. Copperbelt councils are heavily dependent on the mines. Now they have a minister who focuses only on Kachasu they wont display any initiative

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