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Government has made headways in reviewing a number of pieces of legislature-Justice Minister


The government says it has made tremendous progress towards reviewing a number of pieces of legislation in the country such the controversial Public Order Act (POA)

Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe explains that this is in an effort by government to improve the legal and justice system.

Speaking in an interview after during the Ministry of Justice stand at the ongoing 94th Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka yesterday,Mr. Haimbe said government is committed to seeing an improved justice system..

“ This is why there is need for concerted effort from all stakeholders and the members of the public to give their inputs by making submissions and proposals on certain documents like the Public Order Act (POA), “he said.


The Minister stated that the Zambia Law Development Commission (ZLDC) is currently receiving submissions for reviewing the POA so that it is inclusive.

He said members of the public should take advantage of the presence of Ministry at the show and make their submissions and proposals towards POA.

Mr. Haimbe added parliament has also passed a number of bills among them the children’s code bill which is critical in upholding the rights of children in the country.

Inspite of some amendments over the years, the Act continues to be a subject of intense public debate, controversy and even court challenges.

And ZLDC Director Hope Chanda said the commission has made progress in receiving submissions on POA, adding that they have also written to over 400 institutions in various fields to make submissions.

Ms. Chanda advised members of the public to also utilize the online submission platform before the deadline for submission.

Over the years, there have been calls to amend the Public Order Act (POA), which successive governments have evidently used to disadvantage political opponents, especially during elections. This controversial piece of legislation was first passed into law on August 19, 1955. The Act regulates assemblies, public meetings, and processions by providing that every person who intends to assemble or convene a public meeting, procession or demonstration, shall give police at least a seven days’ notice of that person’s intention to assemble or convene any gathering.

The New dawn government has thus engaged ZLDC to receive submissions for reviewing the POA and set the deadline of August 15th 2022


  1. After rejecting bill 10 which contained the same laws they are now trying to pass. A sign of how ignorant and arrogant upnd members are

  2. Postgraduate (esp. doctorial) students with interest in the fields of psychology, political science and history, are encouraged to study the phenomenon of “deception” or “lies” (UBUFI) in Africa. This academic advice is being targeted at the American and European scholars/researchers. Zambia would be the most appropriate state to feature for a case-study in that it has rich fertile contents of deception/lies so deeply rooted in the governance of the country.

  3. The words “DECEPTION” OR “LIE” mean = Bodza (in Chewa); Bubela (in Kaonde); Kubeja (in Tonga); Ubufi ( in Bemba, Bisa); Wenye (in Kunda, Nsega).

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