Govt welcomes initiatives towards the countries developmental agenda.

Behold the road infrastructure in chongwe
Behold the road infrastructure in chongwe

Government says it is pleased with professional bodies’ good initiatives of sharing successes and challenges in order to develop lasting solutions towards the countries developmental agenda.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development Permanent Secretary Danny Mfune says the new dawn government recognizes the critical role of the built environment industry in the development of the country.

Mr. Mfune notes that the built environment industry is a very important sector as all development starts with infrastructure which all other development ride on.

Speaking during the Built Environment Indaba launch in Lusaka, the Permanent Secretary advised the professional bodies to address the concerns from the general public such as issues of quality of work and high costs involved.

“As the players in the sector embark on this indaba, I would like to remind you of the issues that the general public has concerning the development industry,” Mr. Mfune stayed.

He pledged his ministry’s commitment partner with the private sector in the built environment by providing a conducive environment in order to enhance the development agenda.

Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) president Abel Ng’andu disclosed that the Indaba to be graced by President Hakainde Hichilema is aimed at identifying and addressing pertinent questions that will inform the needed transformation.

Mr. Ng’andu explained that industry players have chosen to share a common perspective and commitments.

He lamented that the engineering professional bodies are dissatisfied with the current status of affairs and believe in creating real and lasting change through bridging the gap for inclusive growth.

“We are here because we believe that having answers to practical questions, practices, methods, modes of research and development is a crucial time art for making the world a better place,” Mr. Ng’andu noted.

And Zambia Institute of Architects ( ZIA ) president Bwalya Masabo said there is need to dialogue and develop legal framework last that provide contractual relationships that respond to various localized situations.

Mr. Masabo indicated that decisions on projects should be made by technically qualified professionals without influence from external powers.

He commended government for the open door policy and also empowering local contractors through the 20 percent policy.

And Indaba organising Committee Chairperson Sydney Ngoma disclosed hat that the Indaba will bring together over 2000 delegates.

The Built Environment Indaba is set to take place between September 1st and 2nd, 2022 and under the theme bridging the gap for inclusive growth.


  1. There is a new breath of life in developmental discourse. Engineers coming to the fore is a clear sign for more inclusive growth as asserted by their indaba theme.

    Please Engineers take your seat at the table because engine of growth for the economy depends on manufacturing industry’s contribution to GNP through value chain creations. Take, the case of EV industry promulgated by the President and his DRC counterpart demands formation of an ecosystem that includes all players starting with engineers, technicians, training institutions-colleges and universities for R&D besides financial institutions and other stakeholders.
    The indaba invited delegates besides EIZ members should deliberately include other institutions leaders like Economic Association of Zambia, Marketers and…

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