Monday, June 24, 2024

HH worships at Mansa Main Seventh Day Adventist Church


President Hakainde Hichilema today joined congregants at Mansa Main Seventh Day Adventist Church in a worship service where he preached on unity.

And address to church members earlier, President Hichilema implored Zambians to embrace unity and non-partisanship when handling their day-to-day affairs.

The Head of state says the New Dawn Government wants to entrench a spirit of oneness among citizens regardless of their political or tribal affiliations just as it is in churches.

Mr Hichilema pointed out that the church is a good example and symbol of unity that countrymen and women ought to emulate in their livelihood.

The worship at the SDA Mansa main congregation in Senama area is part of President Hichilema’s schedule before connecting to the Mutomboko ceremony of the Mwata Kazembe’s Lunda empire in Mwansabombwe slated for this afternoon.

And during his sermon to the congregation, Tommy Kamitondo, Seventh Day Adventist Zambia Union President echoed the head of state’s call for unity devoid of discrimination as practiced in the church.

Dr. Kamitondo thanked President Hichilema for his dedication to strengthening unity through non-discriminatory governance tenets as demonstrated through an all-embracing leadership style.


  1. Evil man. You cannot f00I God. Persecuting opposition all day and night and then you act all holly

  2. But wena Kainyokolile Zulu, what did HH ever do to you to hate him this bad? Did he nail your mother in her backside where it never shines and stinks? Your tribal bigotry sucks, maybe you should consider relocating to Malawi

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