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Our forefathers fought wars, now our war is against poverty – HH


 President Mr Hakainde Hichilema has assured the people of Luapula Province that government will address the low power supply the province experiences, currently.

President Hichilema says as part of plans to address the issue ,  government will ensure that it works on the Kalungwishi hydro power project.

The Republican President said this in Mwansabombwe  yesterday when he graced this year’s Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda people of Mwansabombwe District.

“We promised to address the energy crisis seven months after we are elected, and we said we will do so through alternative sources,

“ We remain committed to that, and part of the this solution here in Luapula we will work on 300 Megawatts Kalungwishi hydro power plant,” the President  revealed.

The new dawn government wants the public to take advantage of the available resources, said Mr Hichilema adding that his administration will do its part to ensure opportunities are available for people to take up.

Among these opportunities is the vast mining potential in the region where entrepreneurs can venture into away from depending on fishing.

“The country is endowed with resources which we want our people to take advantage of and here, we want our people to venture into mining.

“Our forefathers fought wars, now our war is against poverty so that we ensure that our children have jobs and we will ensure that we create various opportunities since that is what you elected us for,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said government is not in competition with chiefs but wants to work in partnership to ensure development to the people.

“Chiefs serve the people government also serves the people, there is no need for competition since we serve the same people, what we need is to complement each other in bringing development to the people,” he said.

Mr Hichilema has since called on chiefs to work with government  and ensure that they monitor government projects.

Among these is for  chiefs to monitor  and ensure that there are desks in schools in their chiefdoms.

On Chief’s wellbeing , President Hichilema stated that his administration wants to maintain the dignity of traditional leaders by providing decent housing for chiefs.

“I am aware some chiefs stay in undignified houses, have no water, we want to ensure such are addressed among our chiefs,” he said.

He said that traditional leaders and government have a duty to protect children from child marriages adding that to curtail the vice, it is important that children are given time to attend school so that.

Earlier Tourism  Minister Rodney Sikumba disclosed that the Ministry is in the process of building traditional museums throughout the country.

Mr. Sikumba revealed that the move is aimed at showcasing the country’s  tradition throughout the year.

“Government is committed to ensuring that traditions are preserved, this is the ministry wants to ensure that it build museums all over the country for people to have access to through the yea,” he said.

And Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people of Mwansabomvwe Town has hailed government for actualizing its campaign pledge for free education.

Speaking through Mutomboko Midlands Organising  Committee Chairman Robbam Mwaba, the Mwata Kazembe said more children are now in schools.

The Mutomboko Traditional Ceremony, saw thousands of people from within and outside Zambia watch spectacular ceremony.


  1. We are about to start exporting electricity but the people in Luapula don’t have electricity?
    Shouldn’t we first assist them before the hydro station there begins to work?
    Now I am worried about how rural electrification will be prioritized.

    • There’s nothing as empowering as Power. Ask Asia ask Europe. When you bring power to an area you open up a lot of initiatives that are sleeping. And the more power you have the bigger your GDP. We cant be having areas without electricity 60 years after independence

  2. And you paid back our forefathers by selling and privatising everything they fought for. Disgusting

  3. This war is too long baba! From 1964?? We only have one escapee from poverty? Hakainde Hichilema? Then the war is lost

  4. Well Dr Mmembe has told us we have criminals who have shares in the foreign companies running the mines and giving them tax breaks

  5. HH is 100% right, those stinky PF chakolwes made their 10yr era a lost decade of growing poverty thru a sharp decline in Zambia’s economy.

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