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Release Hon Mumbi Phiri


By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

When President Hakainde Hichilema was arrested over the Mongu incident, I did not sleep that night. I saw the way Gary Nkombo was beaten and the stand off that happened until HH was finally located and arrested.

The person they were arresting was not just a person I knew from newspapers but it’s a person I personally knew and I was very convinced that he was not capable of treason. All his actions were just politics and a contest for popularity then.

Despite the situation of threatened Security, I was the first person to issue a statement against the arrest HH! This even gave courage to the catholics who issued a statement the following day! Those who were less than 18 years old by that time can go through the archives of the Mast Newspaper. The article was under the heading – “Do not fight those who can’t fight back”. The article condemned the arrest of HH and the suspension of UPND MPs! Some of the people that supported HH’s arrest are even serving in his government today!

In a similar situation today, I ask that we set aside differences that may exist and release Hon Mumbi Phiri. She is a grand mother and has health issues! We can’t arrest a person and keep them in suspense in the cells!

God will always give us that which we seek! But Gid is very particular on how we use that which he grants us. Authority should be used to improve people’s lives. Authority should be used to to unite people. Mumbi Phiri has not served in government for some time now. She can’t fight back! She has no authority. It’s of no use to treat her like that! If indeed she is guilty, a speedy trail is very important so that we prove to citizens that she is not being just victimised.

Most of the times people that will destroy leaders are those that surround him. There has to be a voice of reason even in times when we feel revenge is the best thing to happen.

When a society disintegrates into people releasing nudes of suspected government officials, it means the appetite for revenge and causing irreparable damage to others is at its highest!

Those in government should fix the decay in society. It’s their responsibility! To a leader and even to a citizen, there is no such things as PF or UPND or Socialist. These articles I have written before during MMD, PF and now under UPND! Let us search our conscious as a nation!

No wonder I don’t like going to church in Zambia. The hypocrisy is just too much! We bow down and pray to God with one eye open looking for whom to attack. Who to bring down next time! Let’s learn from United Arab Emirates. A country that seeks genuine greatness! A country that puts wealth creation and citizen empowerment at the top and not seeking to destroy wealth created by others!

You can hate me for what I have written but at least my conscious is clear! I will always stand for unity and love in the motherland! This is my country. It’s the only place no one can deport me from!!!

So my advice is that lets release Hon Mumbi Phiri! She can’t run away! She is an elderly woman! She retired from politics! Of what harm is she? She is a woman you were in parliament with! Someone you know? How do you want to be treated when you leave office?

The best people to get advice from are not that you are found with. In government it all becomes about self preservation. When parties just go into government, they are very popular. But Zambians can betray. When the number of injustices increase, they switch! Whoever thought Unip or MMD would lose porpularity? Who ever thought the mighty PF would lose elections? Citizens are selfish. It’s all about them! So let’s concentrate on them and leave Mumbi Phiri alone! Zambia has great potential and there are a lot of things we can do to galvanise more support for the leadership!
Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens…

Have a lovely Sunday


  1. The problem with egotistic academia is what I call their Fred Mmembe illness. They think without them things can’t happen and thats where life teaches them lessons they initially never want to learn: humble your selves. This dreamer says “This even gave courage to the catholics who issued a statement the following day!”
    You mean the catholics depend on you and not Jesus Christ to issue statements? The catholics have been issuing statements that irked Kaunda, Chiluba, every president. Who is Habazooka to claim to lead the church into action?

  2. Are there any serious Zambians that still listen to this empty and opportunistic buffoon. Did he say this when Keith Mukata was arrested and prosecuted. Mumbi Phiri brought this upon herself with her foul and careless mouth. This is our judicial system for which Mumbi as a leader in the criminal and Gangster Pf had a chance to change for the better but alas she foolishly believed the criminal Pf would rule forever. Zambia will never change rapidly if our selfish leaders don’t go through what the rest of us do. This Haabazoka, does he know how many Zambians are charged with murder and have been rotting in Prison longer than his Mumbi Phiri? Does he know that Mumbi must have been arrested at the time the offence was committed, she was protected by the most corrupt, incompetent, thieving…

  3. Don’t worry, God has a way of dealing with wicked folk. Soon they will start dying one by one until she is released. Lesa sort them out .amen

  4. Habazoka was absolutely silent during the rigne of terror of lungu…………

    It was not only HH who was brutalised…….

    Many died at the hands of PF many were maimed …………

    Many were jailed for merly reporting a crime of PF brutality………

    and habazoka was busy issuing silly econimc advice to lungu………….

  5. At 20 hours today on Diamond TV main news, Mumbi Phiri was shown in person admitting that there are many women at that prison where she is who have been there longer than herself. Please there is nothing special about that violence sponsor and supervisor Mumbi Phiri, I am Pf so I know what I am talking about.

  6. At 20 hours today on Diamond TV main news, Mumbi Phiri was shown in person admitting that there are many women at that prison where she is who have been there longer than herself and they are accused of murder too.Please there is nothing special about that violence sponsor and supervisor Mumbi Phiri, I am Pf so I know what I am talking about.

  7. Mumbi Phiri is jailed under the same legal provisions others charged with the same crimes are held under. Let her stay in jail like everyone else. When it is her turn, she will appear in court. That is not HH’s law, that is the law HH found PF adhering to. That law probably was there in MMD and UNIP times. If the problem is that there are not enough judges for a speedy trial, again that is a situation that PF, which Mumbi Phiri was a senior offiicial of, happily tolerated. So to hell with Mumbi Phiri. Let her wait for her appearance before a judge in 2025. She made the bed, let her flat behind lie on it

    ****PS: Lusaka times, this is a repost of the same thing I said before, with corrections to the grammar included. Please delete the other submission and keep this one***

  8. Oh that loud mouth is protesting her Zoo accommodation but she said she was jesus and god. Forgetting that her jesus was incarcerated and executed summarily.
    Careful what you wish for and you wished every one trash before PFOOL got kicked out.
    How grade 0 Haanazoka you can be MCC Economics for moribund pfools. You fit the bill.

  9. Pf pipo are being very big headed. Mumbi phiri said it on tv camera that there ar many others charged with murder who hav bn in prison for long. But no one hs spoken for them in similar maner they ar speaking for this mumbi.wy.

  10. There is a good reason why we must always do laws that are for everyone. When the PF amended the constitution and the cyber law, they really thought it was for fixing the opposition. They made the bed truly let them lie in it!
    It is a warning the UPND now. Please do un to others as you would like t hem do onto you. No more laws that target individuals. So far so good! Look at how CDF funds are being sent equally to all constituencies, bravo on that! The freedoms in markets and bus stops….we can’t go back. Ba Dr Habazoka, tell others first to be humble and move along side to bring the Zambia we deserve. Condemning what you created and cheered on is not wise but how can we fix it using the MPs in parliament!

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