Friday, February 23, 2024

President Hichilema expected in Tanzania for a two day State visit


President Hakainde Hichilema is tomorrow scheduled to undertake a two day State Visit to the United Republic of Tanzania, following an invitation from the country’s President Samia Hassan.

Whilst in the neighbouring county, President Hichilema is expected to hold bilateral talks focusing on areas of mutual interest aimed at enhancing trade, investment and infrastructure development among others, as well as discussions on the revamping, capitalization and operationalization of the Tanzania Zambia Railways TAZARA.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanely Kakubo has confirmed in a statement saying the state visit is very significant as Tanzania is a strategic partner for the country in terms of transportation in the Southern Region for freight and passengers through the Eastern African seaport of Dar-es-Salaam.

“This Visit is highly significant as Tanzania remains a strategic partner as a link for transportation in the southern region for both freight and passengers through the eastern African seaport of Dar-es-Salaam. To this end, during the Visit, President Hichilema and President Hassan will hold bilateral talks where discussions will focus on areas of mutual interest aimed at enhancing trade, investment and infrastructure development, among others” Mr. Kakubo said.

The Tanzania-Zambia Mafuta TAZAMA Pipelines Limited, and the Nakonde-Tunduma One Stop Border Post ( OSBP ) will also be an area of discussion and focus and that the President will tour the Dar-es-Salaam Port, Dar-es-Salaam Standard Main Gauge Railway Station, TAZAMA Pipelines Limited and TAZARA.

The Minister further disclosed in the same statement that the two Presidents will also preside over the signing of Memoranda of understanding ( MOU ) in the fields of defense and tourism.

Mr. Kakubo expressed hope that President Hichilema’s visit will strengthen the ties between the two sister countries that have existed for many years for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

“The President is of the firm belief that increased collaboration through trade and investment and beneficial joint ventures at regional and continental levels will provide the necessary building blocks and opportunities that are crucial to ensuring improved livelihoods and integral economic transformation.

“ Therefore, it is hoped that President Hichilema’s visit to Tanzania will provide for the firming of the longstanding ties between the two sister countries and unlock the much needed economic opportunities that will yield tangible benefits to the people of Zambia” he added.

President Hichilema is expected to return to Zambia immediately after his engagements.


    • Also wondering. Each time I want to sneak out for e drink I tell the family that I want to check on someone who owes me
      I come home drunk and tell them someone bought me a beer… it’s a cycle that never ends.

  1. Presidents talk the same things. Chiluba, Sata, ECL, RB and now HH. “recapitalize tazara, tazama, one border post etc.. I have been hearing the same things over and over again from different presidents. Is it because they are failing to achieve them or its just diplomatic talk. I seriously need help here

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