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Citizens against stoning fire fighters when they go in townships to quench fire incidents


Ndola Town Clerk Shilla Songolo has advised citizens against stoning fire fighters when they go in townships to quench fire incidents.

Ms. Songolo said she was aware that council officers from the Fire Section are sometimes stoned in townships.

She said there is a need for the people to work closely with the council in fire fighting.

Ms. Songolo was speaking when launching the Ndola City Council’s fire safety awareness activities at Mapalo Market in Chipulukusu Compound.

She said Ndola City Council was determined to reduce fire incidents in the city and subsequently curb loss of life, loss of property and injuries that happen because of fire.

Ndola Town Clerk Shilla Songolo
Ndola Town Clerk Shilla Songolo

The Ndola Town Clerk said the council had come up with a robust public fire safety awareness programme with the objective of reducing fire incidents.

She called on Ndola residents to support the Fire Service in the city by quickly alerting the fire fighters whenever a fire broke out.

The Fire Brigade is conducting the sensitisation exercise in all four constituencies in selected markets that include Mapalo, Nkwazi, Kawama, Chifubu, Masala, Lubuto, Old Mushili and Kansengu.

“We are marking a launch of this fire incidents awareness in all the four constituencies in Ndola. We will raise awareness in selected markets in these four constituencies. We have started with Mapalo and we will also touch Nkwazi, Chifubu, Lubuto, Old Mushili, Lubuto and Kansengu. We are visiting these places to sensitize people on fire incidents,” Ms. Songolo said.

“We want to ask you, when we come to respond to fire incidents, we want your support. It is not time to raise stones and hit us. We want your support. We will do our best to ensure that you are serviced properly. Take note of that number to call 993, call and we will respond swiftly,” she said.

Chief Fire Officer Wellington Mulambo revealed that assorted property worth K2, 000,000 was destroyed by fire in various parts of the city last year alone.

Mr. Mulambo said electrical connections, braziers and candle light are the main sources of fire in commercial and residential properties.

Mr. Mulambo said there is need for concerted efforts in fire prevention and advised citizens against stoning fire fighters.

“The record I have for last year of damage caused by fire incidents. Last year fire damaged property worth about K2, 000,000 as of 2021 only. Most fire incidents occur in the cold season and when it is windy. We are talking about going from June to August. Our desire is that fire incidents come to an end,” Mr. Mulambo said.


  1. It’s the negative publicity that fire departments have received especially in the face of the infamous US$42M wheelbarrows. I’m just wondering why the Mary Chirwa has failed to pursue such a case of public interest. Now people are venting their anger at innocent fire-fighters. We know who stole how much and how that money was shared. What’s holding her from effecting arrests? Is it because there’s nothing to publicize since the case already had wide media coverage?

  2. Where are the fire tenders that Madam Esther Nyaywa Tembo Lungu got from the US? Did she swap them for 15 flats?

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