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Workers Compensation Fund Chief Executive Officer, Priscilla Bwembya Fired

Health Workers Compensation Fund Chief Executive Officer, Priscilla Bwembya Fired

Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) of Directors has terminated the contract of its Chief Executive Officer, Priscilla Bwembya following investigations into the procurement of 39 motor vehicles during the 2021 campaigns.

In a memorandum addressed to the workers, the Board of Directors noted that the termination of employment for Ms Bwembya comes after disciplinary hearing on charges levelled against her.

“Please be informed that following disciplinary hearing by Workers Compensation Board of Directors on charges leveled against Ms Bwembya, the Board has terminated her services with effect from July 21st, this year,” reads the memo in parts.

In June this year, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) released 30 vehicles belonging to WCFCB which were deemed to be proceeds of crime.

In a media statement issued by DEC Public Relations Officer Mathias Kamanga, it is alleged that a fleet of motor vehicles had been procured fraudulently and that the motor vehicles were being used for campaigns by a named political party during the run-up to the August 12, 2021 general elections.

Mr Kamanga explained that investigations were instituted into the allegations which led to the seizure of 39 motor vehicles, investigations have since been concluded and the Commission had established that the purchase of the said motor vehicles was done in accordance with the provisions of the law, as such, the said motor vehicles cannot be deemed to be proceeds of crime in accordance with the Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act No. 14 of 2001 as read with the Amendment Act No. 44 of 2010.

Mr Kamanga added that regarding the use of the motor vehicles for campaigns, the Commission however, established that out of the 39 vehicles, nine were suspected to have been used for this purpose as they had been released to a certain Ministry for some “survey” assignment.

He highlighted that the Commission has therefore released the 30 motor vehicles to WCFCB whilst the nine will be handed over to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to conduct further investigations in the matter

“The offences suspected to have been committed with the nine vehicles border more on abuse of authority of office contrary to the provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act,” he noted


  1. Persecuting anyone that worked under pf because of vengeful hateful personalities. You won’t win in 2026. Kaleza pali mutinta hichilema

    • You fired anyone who was not Nyanja or Bemba. You would not hire anyone with a Lozi, Tonga, Luvale etc, Lunda name. You filled the government not only with your fellow tribesmen, but also your party members. There is no reason why we Zambians should continue to pay the salaries of such people. Although HH has not done it yet, I wish he would go into the government and fire all PF members, and replace them with UPND member. When the Republicans in the US come into power, they appoint their own party members in government positions. The Democrats do the same. HH please fire all the PF kaponyas in government

    • F00I above, stop using others tribes names when we all know you are Hamaganda hantobwe from choma. Fuseke

  2. Unlike pf which was firing mmd pipo anyhow with hh they hav to go thru disciplinary hearing..in this way alot is being heard about hw pf misused gvt funds. Thanks hh for exposing the evil deeds of lungu..

  3. In case pipo don’t know her husband is a top pf cadre in lsk one of the guys who were getig pf contracts with no works done. One just hs to vouch wat the guy was in 2013 and check now hw much wealth he hs accumulated frm pf deals.

  4. Some of the titles….Chief executive officer…I personally think titles like this should be if you are the founder or owner of the company……..instead of using it on state owned companies so that they don’t demand hefty salaries and hefty allowances….kaili am the Chief Executive Officer so pay me K1 million per month

  5. what a sily disguise it was. one gives the company vehicles to pf for campaigns and says they are for ‘survey’. how silly surely. the way these state companies harass small business chasing for money yet they waste our hard earned money just like that. my small business was taken to court twice by these guys just for delaying to pay them. they even hired debt colectors to grab my ofice desks and filling cabinets.

  6. The lesson here is that it’s better for you to resign than to accept to be used by politicians. This lady could have gained a lot had she resigned when the PF induced her to do what was illegal. She’s now been shamefully dismissed from her position at the expense of a short-lived PF patronage. Politicians have sacrificed many. Just look at how many professionals the MMD compromised?

  7. There are elements of criminality here. Will we see the police effect an arrest? Or do we read different news than the police do?

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