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Pennsylvania dentist found guilty of murdering his wife during big game hunting trip in Zambia


By Jessica Schladebeck
New York Daily News

A Pennsylvania dentist and big game enthusiast has been found guilty of using a scenic African safari as a cover to kill his wife and then collecting millions of dollars in life insurance benefits.

A jury in Denver on Monday concluded that Lawrence Rudolph, the founder of of Three Rivers Dental in Pittsburgh, gunned down his wife Bianca Finizio Rudolph during a 2016 getaway to Zambia, where they planned to enjoy safaris and hunting trips together. He was also found guilty of cashing in on $4.8 million in life insurance payments following his wife’s death, which he has long claimed was accidental.

Upon his return from Africa, Rudolph also made claims through seven different insurance companies totaling nearly $5 million in payouts, according to a criminal complaint.

Suspicions surrounding the deadly incident were only further stoked by a friend of Bianca, who told authorities in October 2016 that she suspected foul play and requested that detectives investigate the shooting death. At the time, she claimed that Rudolph was verbally abusive, that he cheated on his wife, and that he was engaged in an affair at the time of Bianca’s death.

The friend also indicated that Bianca would’ve never wanted to have been cremated given her intense religious beliefs, ultimately prompting authorities to open an investigation.

During Rudolph’s three-week trial in Colorado, prosecutors pointed to evidence indicating a self-inflicted wound was impossible given the fatal shot to her heart came from a blast fired from 2 to 3.5 feet away.

Prosecutors also accused Rudolph’s girlfriend, who is the manager of his Pittsburgh-area dental franchise, Lori Milliron, of lying to a federal grand jury about the case and her relationship with Rudolph.

She, too, was found guilty by the same jury of being an accessory after the fact to murder, obstruction of a grand jury and two counts of perjury before a grand jury. She was found not guilty on two other counts of perjury.


  1. If ZP can fail to arrest Mary Chirwa on a charge of production of obscene material, can they arrest a rich dentist on a murder charge? Never! Should HH leave office today the manner in which they can pursue Mary you’d think that she committed treason

    • LOL. I doubt if the could follow her up. They seemed to leave Mabumba alone.
      Perhaps it requires someone to report the case? I haven’t seen anyone report Mary. Could that be the reason why the police haven’t acted?
      Out of curiosity, has Mary been going in to work the last week?

    • #1.1 Chiza, in matters of public interest the Police can initiate investigations without any complaint from anyone. There are 2 certain cases and possibly a 3rd. The one for production is straight forward because the person that produced the videos is known. The 2nd should be that of the person that leaked them. The 3rd should be of an accomplice to the production. Alternatively, a citizen’s arrest can be effected.

    • I am aware of how the case can proceed, I am certain beyond words that no police officer is independent enough (perhaps courageous) to effect an arrest for production. The President has made it clear that he won’t act on the situation, this means that the police IG will not allow any of his offers to effect an arrest. I can already see how this police would be considered a PF implant and perhaps moved to another town or demoted.
      Citizen’s arrest? LOL. I won’t even go there.
      Putting faith in politiciians is disappointing, there is a clear lack of justice with these guys.

    • And you wonder why we why we are not serious as a nation someone was murdered and this blogger would rather chat about some sex videos

  2. This ruling should be an embarrassment on Ministry of Home Affairs and ZP…any other govt would institute an inquiry this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

  3. Our prosecution would not have reached that kind of conclusion. That she didn’t shoot herself. Theres no capacity let alone the will to investigate minute but crucial aspects of a crime in Lusaka. All the murderer needed to do is get the detective on the case, offer him a few dollars and the case would be dead and buried

  4. While I visited Zambia from Toronto I noticed that police demanded I take off my hat each time we entered a police station. But they didn’t ask my white friend to take off his cap! Why? In Kenya they didn’t make such orders

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