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Mumbi Phiri to Appear in Court on October 3rd-Kawana


The Ministry of Information and Media Director of Media Thabo Kawana says Mumbi Phiri has been cause listed and is scheduled to appear in Court on October 3rd 2022.

After spending half a year in filthy Zambian prison without trial Ms Phiri will finally appear in court according to an announcement made by Mr Kawana when he made an appearance on Radio Phoenix Let the People Talk.

Mr Kawana has since urged Zambians not to make noise about Ms Phiri’s staying in jail without a court appearance for “only” six months because others have been in detention for five years.

“Ms Phiri has been Cause Listed (her case has been scheduled in the courts) for October 3 so it’s wrong to say her stay is political,” he said.

Mr Kawana said making a comparison of Phiri´s more than six months stay without trial in frail health condition to that of President Hakainde Hichilema´s 127 days in jail without trial was also widely condemned.

He said the comparison between the two is misplaced because Hichilema was a “political” detainee while he referred to Ms Phiri as a “murder” suspect.

Pressure has attracted local and the international community for the ailing former Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Front (PF) to be taken to court or released for lack of case.

And PF leaders Given Lubinda, Miles Sampa, Emmanuel Mwamba, Lubinda Habazoka, Nickson Chilangwa, and others such as Sean Tembo, Laura Miti, Brebner Changala and Jackson Silavwe have demanded for her release if the State did not have sufficient evidence against her.

By the time she appears in court in the next two months, Ms Phiri in severely bad health would have been detained for a full nine months, a quarter short of a year.

The Zambian Civil Society including the Diplomatic community that vocalized against human rights abuses under President Edgar Lungu have ostensibly remained silent over Ms Phiri, a grandmother and wife.

Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba, one of the sympathisers of Ms Phiri as a Central Committee Member today said although October is far, it is good that she will finally have a day in court that could possibly lead to a release.

Meanwhile Mr Kawana has stated that the Drug Enforcement Commission Director General Mary Chirwa is not going anywhere as government is not interested in watching pornography.

He added that women in Zambia suffer double punishment, even animals are against Gender Based Violence (GBV) and anyone calling for firing of Ms Chirwa is liable for GBV.

“Honestly have been looking for her video but not seeing it,” he said


  1. That mumbi phiri has jumped the que is not fair to those charged with murder and waiting trial…………

    Can this delay be addressed immediately by authorities………..

    Mary chirwa is now an angry liones………

    If video release is proven to be dirty tricks…….

    Expect that will backfire………a Mary chirwa who knows how her enemies operate will be a different Mary chirwa from what we know………….

    • — SPAKA —
      I am not a regular blogger but do read LSKTimes often. Mate! You are talking trash, actually too often you talk trash. How does Mary Chirwa come into this equation and all these useless theories you are just creating in your head about her becoming an angry lioness?? Here is my advice. Take some time off from blogging, get a job, find a woman, let go off all the trauma in your mind and heart. You have very serious issues and its very visible that you are not ok. Seek Help.

    • 1.1 White Lion

      (Spaka) is a liar, fake-theorist, narcissistic and extremely very unhappy in his life. This why he is glued to lusakatimes every single day and every hour of the day, desperate to flood his narcissistic comments. Its really sad. He is either the first to post and the last to post the end of day comments.

    • Unfortunately for you rats ………

      I’m on summer holidays I’m the UK…..

      Other wise in the winter I’m semi retired and work when I want to………

      I am more time right than wrong on LT…….

      Even an impicile would work twice as hard if it is proven know people tried to destroy him/her………..

      White rhino
      Ati how does marry chirwa come into this equation………

      Go back to sleep……..you are another dundahead……..

  2. why should be a Media Director be telling the nation when who is appearing in court i have never seen reports or updates which are suppose to be done by police been done by a director of same media i believe court and prison matters have right people in place to update the nation, and comparing whatever our president ( Bally 7 )went thought in his political career dose not hold water mr media director we all have different paths. its like when bally specks most of us we close our ears and do the opposite the head says. (“Honestly have been looking for her video but not seeing it,” he said) kkkkkkkk you also want to watch the video this is crazy.

    • What a confused country…so HH decides what day someone has to appear in court.. October is not tommorow. God will judge you Kawana.

    • Deja Vu – You want the court date to be today? You want others to gettting special treatment menwhile others have been in remand for 2 years you have never complained today you are here hypocritically stating that God will judge you. Sit down or go cry for Mumbi in Mongu

    • It’s not about appearing today. It’s better pelican mouth Kawana not to make such distressing pronouncements. God will judge him I repeat.

  3. This i s a big mistake by this inexperienced govt making such announcements about a citizens case and court date especially coming from the Ministry of Information. You should have just let the Judiciary inform her and her lawyers would have updated the press. You have in essence made this case political and have also let Mumbi get special treatment….very amature; they have swallowed the hook and sinker PF put out and all this will be used as evidence in court that this case is politically influenced.

    • This is what I was trying to point out. Is Kawana an official at our courts. Suppose she appears tomorrow what’s pelican going to say.

    • Its obvious that Kawana dances for money and New Dawn need to repay him for what ever service he may have offered. He is a campaign horse, not a show horse or a racing horse.

  4. If others spent 127 days in jail so should others? Is this the new standard of and for this GRZ????

  5. Why doesnt someone ask the Veep in Parliament about this position Media Director of Media is it a civil service position? If so why is he making political announcements and where is the Govt spokeslady? Why keep in the position if you have no confidence in her and she is ill-qualified?

    Please stop calling this Emmanuel Mwamba ambassdor he is not …why dont you call Frank Bwalya and that boy Anthony Ambassdor.

    • She issues statements through social media. When she has a live audience, she reads a prepared statement and doesn’t take any questions.
      Bring in noisy cadre Kawana whose job before this was defending UPND. He does his job but fails miserable to isolate politics and government.
      But at least he shows up for interviews, even though he appears to cause more confusion.
      Makes you wonder if HH will have another Press Conference, we are itching to hear his views.

    • Chiza Chirwa – If HH has a presser this is the last topic he should not talk about…this matter if is before the courts. These guys should not be talking about individuals by names, court dates and court cases especially in a case where a UPND cadre was shot.
      I have said time and time again that the girl Chushi should never be in that office it is like having a winger as a goalkeeper when you have goal keepers on the bench….its an utter confusion and this Kawana brings even more confusion to that Ministry as the PS can not tell him what to do.

  6. No one needs to be detained for longer than 48 hours, that is the law enforced by our constitution. A delay beyond that is warrants an accused to sue the state, and we the people end up paying.
    Murder case requires proof beyond reasonable doubt, I don’t see the state proving beyond reasonable doubt that Mumbi Phiri and Shebby Chilekwa were both responsible for a single gunshot wound that killed Lawrence Banda.
    I further don’t see how she could have been a party to the offence. She said she was there, that makes her a witness, not a perpetrator.
    A key takeaway here is the admission that there are others who have been waiting for 5 years so this 9 months is ‘normal’. We need our government to take up this challenge and clear the backlog, that’s the change we need.

    • Mr Kawana has since urged Zambians not to make noise about Ms Phiri’s staying in jail without a court appearance for “only” six months because others have been in detention for five years. Listen to that logic. If people are being mistreated everywhere then it is justified to mistreat others?? People should not be in detention for five years. Its against out constitution. Otherwise let Museveni take over as our president because we will know what to expect.

  7. God has a way of dealing with evil f00Is like upnd members. They will die soon some of them. I curse all upnd officials with the spirit of death including hh. Amen

  8. Quote “Mr Kawana has since urged Zambians not to make noise about Ms Phiri’s staying in jail without a court appearance for “only” six months because others have been in detention for five years.” Unquote.

    There we have it. People detained for five years, and you proudly come out to announce this incompetency? Just reinforces the view, officials in Zambia derive great pride from seeing people in queues or on waiting lists; it’s deemed as evidence one is working hard! Truly beggars belief!

    #plant a tree please.

  9. If Thabo Kawana thought by issuing this statement he was going to make the opposition, activist and Linda Tsungirirai Masarira(LEAD President from Zimbambwe) happy, the effect of this is the oppositte, let alone coming from a contraversial cadre turned civil servant.
    He did not even quote source of his information.
    I get it, the Minister of Justice should not be the one announcing WHEN politician would be appearing in courts, but neither Kawana should be making such pronouncements.

  10. White Rhino, I did mention before that Spaka is a sick boy and needs medical attention !!!!. You can see that as you read his postings. I am an Artificial Intelligence expert and consultant.

    • Hehehe…………

      The PF rats don’t like to read about what they have been doing for 10 years…………

      Even maggots are now claiming to know AI………..analysing spakas posts….

      That’s why I love LT……..its a circus in itself………

      As I keep saying , 2031 nipatali ka ?

  11. I see koswe on FB is doing a bloody good job reminding Zambians how brutal and ruthless the PF were………….

    Follow kowse on FB and see how these criminals nearly destroyed zambia………

    • How can a government official proudly admit that there are people waiting 5 years in prison for their day in Court? This is nonsense. What kind of judiciary do we have that is failing to deliver to result in such a backlog? Fire the lot! and streamline the process so justice is not delayed. Honestly one feels ashamed for being African let alone zambian because of such. No wonder people risk their lives to get to Europe, they know it’s abuse is better than where they come from

  12. Ministry of ?nformation Media Director of Media title suggests this job is redundant and an unnecessary drain and wastage of public resources. This is why such a big portion of the nation’s coffers goes to sustain a bloated government. Meanwhile there are no drugs in hospitals for lack of funds.

    • You have Chushi …..and by now we all understand Chushi. Then you have this guy who is about to masticate and swallow his tongue. What a ministry.

  13. To Mr Kawana and his handlers;

    The meaning of this proverb is “When what your neighbor has seen is gone, it is you who will see it tomorrow”. The lesson behind this proverb is that never laugh at a neighbors’ misfortunes because these same misfortunes may one day fall on you.

  14. LT, there are, apparently, by your figure above, 31 comments submitted on this topic, yet you’ve only displayed 16. Why, if I might ask?

  15. SET has shaken you up to move. And Thabo, please stop this habit of making constant references to the likes of Hechi Hechi to justify the reason for the lengthy detention of Mumbi Phiri. It just goes to confirm the suspicion that this is indeed political.

  16. Some of the comments one comes across on LT can leave you wondering whether these people have their brains in their heads or somewhere in the “wrong” place.
    By the way,is a beanbrain living in the UK better than one living else where on planet Earth?

  17. Why is DEC not arresting Mike Katambo, for documented bribes during elections and theft of FISP fertiliser funds? Chitalu chilufya caused all the medicine shortages in hospitals and no action by the wonderful DEC and ACC. Where are thives like Ronald Chitotela, Hibeene Mwiinga and his beneficiary Highive Hamududu, ? cone on DEC be systematic and conlusive

  18. I smell a fish in this case. Kawana should not even have access to the court records. This simply shows that there is victimization in the whole case. I see no independence of the court.

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