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New Reduced Bus Fares are non-negotiable-Transport

General News New Reduced Bus Fares are non-negotiable-Transport

Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali has called on relevant authorities to deal with those who are rejecting the newly announced bus fares.

Commenting on the decision by the Bus And Taxi Owners Association Of Zambia not to effect the reduced bus fares announced by the road transport and safety agency (RTSA) following a meeting with stakeholders, Mr. Tayali says once a decision is made in an organized society which observes the rule of law, everyone must comply.

The Bus and Taxi Owners Association has argued that the figures as excessive and were not discussed or tabled in a consultative meeting held on Tuesday, 2nd august 2022.

However, Mr. Tayali has told Phoenix News that procedure was followed by calling for a stakeholders ‘meeting and agreeing at what rate or percentage the fares should be effected to benefit commuters.

RTSA recently announced a reduction in bus fares, following reduced fuel pump price by 14 percent for intercity routes, K5 for copperbelt and Lusaka local and other towns, and K7 for copperbelt and Lusaka inter-mine/peri-urban routes which were effected yesterday.


  1. Soon you’ll see what we mean when we say you’re Chimbwi No Plan. These monthly reviews of fuel prices that trigger fare adjustments don’t make sense at all. Today is 8th, in 22 days’ time you’ll call another meeting to propose adjustments depending on which direction the fuel price will go. This isn’t what being in charge means. People are beginning to be disillusioned. They’ll now begin to defy you and that’ll be a recipe for anarchy. You only have yourselves to blame.

  2. Come election time….all this arrogance will be replaced by begging and kneeling for votes….Politicians are all the same PF…UPND all useless

    • He is doing good. He recognises that the Taxi and Mini bus operators have an organisation from which they are colluding to exploit the public. These people are driving on public roads, using public stations; if they want to continue enjoying those priviledges, they are going to have to start obeying the directives of the government.

  3. This issue is simple and straight forward. You should have a formula that calculates the transport rates charged by bus operators.
    With the agreed formula you will only be looking at the changes in fuel price every month and your formula will calculate for you the rate chargeable .
    This calculation can even be done at the same time the fuel prices are being calculated. You dont have to negotiate everytime a fuel adjustment is done. In this era you cannot sort out such a simple matter ba Minister?????

  4. We park our buses simple until you instruct RTSA also to reduce the increased fees like road and fitness taxes.

  5. During your campaings, you condemned that paying of road licence and toll fees. You promised that you will armonise. YOU HAVE GONE NDWIII!!!

  6. Ati dollar has gone down and yet the effects are zero on the ground. There is a reason we fired kalyalya . Then dumb hh goes to rehire him so that he cooks figures Hahaha. Fuseke

  7. The problem in Zambia is that you made this Bus And Taxi Owners Association Of Zambia a very powerful mafia entity, you can not let them be the organisation that sets the price and are the owners of the buses where does the passenger voice come in? We used to UTTA or something like that …which was the Regulator, this Bus And Taxi Owners Association Of Zambia will never improve anything even modern buses because its will eat into their bottomline that’s what they care about…
    This is the best time to weaken this Bus And Taxi Owners Association Of Zambia before the elections come

  8. ba minister job well done. the tax driers dont actually understand the economy of the nation. thhey don even realliise that almôst all their relative including their own families will benefit a great deal from t?ese tranport reductions. the problem inzambia is that most tax driver(bus drvers not incuded) nibakaponyafye. I thank the new dawn gôvt for introducing free educaticat so that one day we shall have a society of educated majority. it is not easy to develop when moririty are not educated

  9. Some foo.ls have not shame…this government is experiencing they have no idea how government functions it’s job on training, what is sad is they are trying to kill local business, referring foreigners! They are busy killing and punishing small business while mining firms are on tax holiday! Who does such! because i have never seen such before since independence! The upnd government does not have the interest of the nation at heart…

  10. The bus fares have to be reduced because it’s not a problem when increasing the price so why should reducing be a problem?

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