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Shebo Nalishebo appointed as alternate Executive Director for AfDB Group 1


Finance Minister Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane has congratulated Shebo Nalishebo on his deserved appointment as an Alternate Executive Director for the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group 1 Constituency for the period 1st August, 2022, to 31st July, 2025.

Dr. Musokotwane says “the New Dawn Administration will continue to support Zambians who have requisite qualifications and experience to take up assignments, employment and leadership opportunities in regional and international organizations such as the African Development Bank.”

The Minister has thanked the AfDB for considering a Zambian national for the role and attests that “Mr. Nalishebo has unique talents which will add value to the work of the Bank through the AfDB Group 1 Constituency.”

The appointment was communicated to Mr. NALISHEBO by AfDB Africa Group 1 Constituency Executive Director, Gerald Bussier who is responsible for Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius and Zambia.

Mr. Bussier congratulated him for the appointment and explained that Mr. Nalishebo will among other tasks, be required to attend Board meetings and Annual Meetings of the Bank.

Although Mr. Nalishebo will not be based at the AfDB Headquarters in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, he shall be expected to perform responsibilities assigned by the Board, through the Executive Director to ensure that the Bank’s policies, directives and guidelines are properly implemented and, as a Government representative, to raise the issues with the AfDB, through the Executive Director, on the Bank’s work in the Constituency.

In his portfolio, Mr. Nalishebo will also be required to direct enquiries or issues needing appropriate consideration from member countries to the Africa Group 1 Constituency Executive Directorate, for necessary action by the Bank.

The position of Alternate Executive Director is a strategic position in the Bank’s efforts to contribute to the economic development and social progress of member countries.

Mr. Nalishebo is an independent consultant in Statistics and Public Finance and currently serves on the board of the Bank of Zambia.

He has over 20 years of experience in economic and social statistics, econometrics and public finance.

From 2001 to 2012, he worked at Zambia Statistics Agency where he was responsible for computing gross domestic product and led Zambia’s first economic census used to benchmark and rebase the national accounts.

From 2012 to 2019, he worked at the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research, where he headed the public finance unit and led several research works on Zambia’s public debt, budget and expenditure analyses and tax policy.

He has conducted research and policy analyses for government institutions including Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and international organizations including UNICEF, UNECA, UNCTAD, World Bank, WFP and GIZ.

Works include public expenditure reviews for social protection and education, statistical measurement of illicit financial flows, strengthening capacity in tax reforms and ex-ante tax policy impact analysis, public debt audits, as well as an algorithm to develop an income assessment tool to on-board self-employed clients on the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Mr. Nalishebo holds a Master of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Zambia.

He also holds post-graduate qualifications in national accounts from InWEnt, Germany and Official Economic Statistics from United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific.


    • So whn u were appointed,it was on tribal basis?
      this is employment,if one has the qualification,he or she can get the job irrespective of tribe!Chikopo iwe

    • He is educated, and qualified, unlike you who, like in everyone else in Jonathan Mutawire aka Edgar Lungu aka Meno-Meno’s government, who was appointed strictly on the basis tribalism, and then looted the country and left it in an inescapable debt trap. The reason why we know that you are an angry, envious, uneducated and unqualified tribalist is that you do not even know that a Lozi is NOT a member of the “Bantu Botatwe” (not Batatwe)… and that is all I am gonna say

    • What is the qualification required to serve your nation? Last I checked not even the presidency has an academic requirement above a g12. So go and eff yourself. Fuseke

    • That is why you looted the and raped our country. You are too stupid to realise that in order to perform, you have to understand, in order to understand, you have to learn; to learn is to be educated. You, a kaponya, should not have been anywhere near power. You and your kaponya president, the tribalist who stole k40, 000 from his client and got disbarred by the law association of Zambia for, thought that running Zambia was like being the conductor and driver of a minibus, where you could steal from owner everyday. You should be in jail for what you did

  1. Nalishebo is a solid guy. I worked with him on a number of assignments including ZHDR. Well-done and congratulations.

    • He would never be hired in PF because his first and last name are both wrong; they are not Mwansa, Musonda, Chileshe, Phiri, Banda, Zulu as an example, and that is why Kaizar Zulu is so angry that he EARNED this position

    • Nega nega is that the reason why those names you have listed have not been employed in this role? Good to know how appointments are made under hh. Very tribal dogs

    • Kazar Zulu, the names I mentioned are just examples. In your government, all the appointments were of people from two regions. If you were from the South, Central, the West or the Northwest, you were not being hired a primary school teacher, never mind as a government minister. Therefore everyone there was named Zulu, Phiri, Chanda, Mwewa, Chishimba, Chilese… that is the reality of PF, YOU WERE AND ARE Tribalists. We have to say this because it can never again be the way our government is run. HH has hired the most tribally balanced governnment since Kaunda. This is why all of you are so angry. This is why all you cry when he fires the incompetents he hired.

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