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Census enumerators warned against manipulating data


Chipangali District Commissioner, Paul Sakala, has cautioned Census enumerators not to manipulate data when the exercise commences on August 18, 2022.

Mr. Sakala said those who would be found to be manipulating data would face serious consequences because the exercise is important for planning purposes.

ZANIS reports that the DC said this when he launched the enumerators’ training at Eastern Girls Secondary School in Chipangali district.

Mr. Sakala observed that supervisors of enumerators want accurate data, saying where there would be a mismatch, enumerators would be told to go back and do the right thing.

“Once it is known that the data is cooked, just know that serious consequences will follow. The exercise is very important because the government’s planning will be based on the data that will be collected,” Mr Sakala said.

He noted that government institutions such as the Ministries of Agriculture and Education would only perform well in service delivery if correct data is collected by enumerators.

Mr. Sakala also urged the supervisors and coordinators to ensure they scrutinized data submitted because it was through the information that was obtained on the ground that government would adjust the national budget.

He further encouraged enumerators to get vaccinated against COVID-19 so that they protect themselves as they move around in communities collecting data.

The department of health last Saturday tested 199 participants out of which two cases come out positive for COVID-19.

The department also carried out a vaccination exercise for COVID-19, where 77 of those who turned up to write census aptitude tests were vaccinated.

Chipangali District is expected to have 332 enumerators to conduct the Census of Population and Housing which runs from August 18, 2022 to September 14, 2022.

And, Mpika District Census Coordinator, Songiso Songiso says over 400 people have been shortlisted and undergoing training for the National Census of Population and Housing in Mpika District, Muchinga Province.

Mr. Songiso said 485 candidates have been shortlisted as enumerators out of which 60 will be motorbike riders.

He stated that the 10 day training has started adding that the district has received materials to aid the work.

“Everything is set and trainings have started,” said Mr. Songiso

Mr. Songiso revealed that the materials received are 239 bicycles, 328 mattresses, eight projectors and 454 tablets for the enumerators.

And Mpika District Commissioner, David Siame who is also District Census Officer, says Government has empowered youths not in employment by engaging them as enumerators.

Mr. Siame said those above the age of 35 and are in active employment should give a chance to young people to be enumerators.

“I would like to urge those who are not eligible for these positions to leave room for young people, Government wants to empower those youths who are not in active employment,” said Mr. Siame

Mr. Siame said the District Census Committee is working hard to ensure that the right candidates get trained and equipped for the exercise.

Meanwhile, Over 190 people are currently being trained in Luano District as supervisors and enumerators in readiness for the 2022 National Census of Population and Housing.

Speaking during the official opening of the ten days training, Luano District Commissioner, Kells Meleki said the exercise is essential in the census implementation process as it is the third in the series of training meant to adequately prepare field staff.

Mr. Meleki said the data from the Census is important as it provides government with information at all levels of administration such as district, constituency as well as ward level.

“I urge you all to engage yourselves fully to this training for you have a huge assignment ahead of you,” he said.

Government issued a statutory Instrument (No. 92 of 2021) to gazette the period of August 18, 2022 to September 14, 2022 as official dates for the country to undertake the National Census of Population and Housing.

The exercise is adopting the computer assisted personal interview technique which involves gathering information with the use of an electronic questionnaires on computer tablets.

The Zambia Statistics Agency is mandated to conduct National Census of Population and Housing every ten years as per Statistics Act No. 13 of 2018.


  1. With the corruption that has surrounded the recruitment of enumarators I doubt the credibility of the data that will come out of this exercise.
    Most of the people that have been recruited are dull and failures. They did not even sit for the aptitude tests but were secretly included on the list of those appointed purely because they are cadres . We have seen cadres who had hoped to be at bus stations and markets after elections now being included as enumerators. The data that will come out should simply be thrown in the dust bins. It will be misleading and incorrect .

  2. Upnd are already manipulating it so that they rig elections. They have given a condition to all those employed in Southern province to inflate numbers

  3. Did this District Commissioner pass the aptitude test?
    Is this the new deal pandemic to intimidate people with useless warninigs ?
    And how does Covid19 vaccine come into the census matter?
    Get a life Paul Sakala Nyongo

  4. But why would they manipulate data? Is there an outside force standing to benefit from manipulated data? Have you identified it?

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