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ZNS introduces life skills training in fish farming to its officers who are about to retire


The Zambia National Service (ZNS) Command has introduced life skills training in fish farming to its officers who are about to retire.

ZNS Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi says the Command has already dug six big fish ponds where fish rearing is done to promote fish farming in the country.

General Solochi says this is in line with the government’s policy of promoting fish farming to create jobs to fight poverty in the country.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony of 30 ZNS Officers at breathing farm in Chilanga district, General Solochi said government has taken fish farming as a serious business to foster development.

General Solochi said this in a speech read for him by Colonel Killian Mukonka at a ceremony where 30 ZNS Officers are about to retire.

He explained that ZNS has so far constructed six fish ponds in the Chanyanya area in Kafue district to reduce the fish deficit in the country.

General Solochi added that the Command believes the initiative will boost food security in the country and that small and Medium Enterprises especially youths will benefit from the scheme.

“As ZNS Command we want to prepare men and women in Uniform who are about to retire with life skills in fish farming to sustain their livelihoods,” he said.

General Solochi further explained that the Command wants to ensure that the lives of its officers are taken care of even after retirement.

He noted that his Command engaged Collins Kachaka who is an expert and consultant in aqua culture to teach Officers on how to start fish farming.

And Breathing fish farming proprietor Collins Kachaka praised ZNS for engaging in aqua culture as it is a flexible and profitable venture that anyone can do even from the back yard of a home.

Dr Kachaka indicated that government can create jobs for its people through fish farming adding that his fish farming is a centre of excellence as it hosts a cross section of society in the country and beyond.

He encouraged cooperatives to access Constituency Development funds (CDF) to venture into fish farming for their financial independence and foster economic development.

Dr Kachaka also called on youths to consider venturing into fish farming for their sustenance.

“You know that fish farming is not labour intensive hence the need for ZNS officers who are about to retire to grab the opportunity by buying land and start farming immediately,” he said.

Meanwhile, ZNS Colonel Oscar Nobu, 53, praised the programme as it will secure Officers’ lives after retirement.

“This is a preparatory step of my retirement as this knowledge I have acquired in fish farming will help me cope with life after retirement,” he said.

He explained that the four-days training was educational and praised the ZNS Command for the initiative to prepare its officers in life skills especially after retirement.


  1. This is a fishy upnd gimmick. When unemployed is high you want to teach retired people skills yet the youth lack any skills or jobs. This type of thinking is so backwards

  2. With all due respect, officers in ZNS, army, ZAF or police should NOT be overweight.
    That man in that picture cannot be expected to reasonably save the country. Don’t we have physical standards? I know for a fact they don’t take people who are short on the premise that they cannot work properly. Why allow the officers to become so overweight?
    You cannot teach a life skill to someone about to retire, the logical thing to do now would be to use their expertise as consultants as ZNS revamps and begins offering these fish farming exercises on a national scale for export to DRC.
    Get the labour and machinery of ZNS, build 10 thousand ponds, farm fish, employ youths (we know there are a lot who need jobs), build community schools, employ teachers, drivers to deliver the fish to DRC,…

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