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Princess Kasune advocates for girl education


Keembe Member of Parliament Princess Kasune says educating a girl-child is crucial to Zambia’s socio-economic development.

Ms. Kasune says girls and women should be provided with opportunities to improve access to quality education.

Ms Kasune who is also Parliamentary Deputy Chief Whip said the provision of quality education will have a high impact on the lives of girls in the county.

She expressed happiness that government working for the World Bank is sponsoring the less privileged girls in society through the Keeping Girls in School (KGS) project.

“Education holds the key to our development if we educate our girls. We must continue to give priority to the education sector because it is the bedrock for the country’s socio-economic development,” Ms. Kasune said.

Ms. Kasune said this in Zimba yesterday when she officiated at the first ever Girls Symposium held at Zimba Secondary School.

“Our happiness, our success, and prosperity will come if we educate the girl child as doing so will improve and reduce poverty and provide them a better life in our communities,” she said.

Speaking earlier, Mapatiyza MP Emeldah Munashabantu unveiled the Munashabantu Sponsorship Foundation where she has partnered with Ms. Kasune, to sponsor 30 vulnerable girls from Grades 9 -12 at different selected schools till they attain tertiary level in Zimba district.

The two parliamentarians cautioned the girls against getting pregnant but urged them to concentrate on their education.

Zimba District Education Board Secretary DEBS Rita Mubita said 337 girls had dropped out of school because of being pregnant between January to date.

Meanwhile Ms Mubita disclosed that 1,055 girls are currently being sponsored under the KGS project in the district.


  1. All children deserve an education irrespective of gender. If you had children of both gender, would you choose to educate one and leave the other? Both adolescents suffer some kind of misfortune that require to be addressed individually. In some communities boys start school late, sometimes as old as 15yrs because they have to herd animals. Isn’t that of concern to you?

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