Thursday, February 29, 2024

ZICTA tells people to report scammers


The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has embarked on a consumer and public awareness programmes to curb fraudulent activities in the country.

ZICTA Consumer Protection Officer Jayne Chilumba urged consumers to be vigilant and report any scammers to help curb the increased cases of fraudulent reports in recent years.

Ms Chilumba said ZICTA is mandated to protect consumers and create awareness as stipulated in the ICT Act.

“This is why ZICTA and the three mobile providers have partnered to conduct awareness on digital financial services and fraud activities,” she said.

She said the ZICTA team through their visits in Luapula and Northern provinces  have noted the need to conduct sensitization as consumers are not aware of their rights.

  “We want the Zambian citizens to be responsible in the way they access and use the services offered by the mobile providers without facing challenges,” she said.

She further appealed to consumers to open up and raise the issues that they want to be addressed by ZICTA and the mobile providers.

 Kabuta resident Joseph Kabanda called on ZICTA to ensure the three mobile providers improve on their network.


  1. I would like to report a man who scammed the entire country in August last year. He promised to make zambia heaven on earth but upto now the f00I has failed. Biggest scam

  2. Why doesn’t Zicta provide a toll free line where such cased can be reported even a whatsapp line where fake messages screenshots can be forwarded.

  3. People have continued to lose phones and report to the Police but nothing is done. Scammers use registered SIM cards to receive money and ZICTA can’t do anything. In fact the scammers even inform their victims which name will show on the system as they transfer funds. So the problem isn’t that people aren’t reporting, they’re disillusioned because reports don’t yield any results. In some cases they lose more money in transport and talk time for police officers. ZICTA’s preoccupation is to follow those that utter derogatory remarks against the great leader instead of policing the cyber space. So this appeal is a waste of time. Why can’t they put service providers to task for the poor network in that region? There’s poor reception up to Kaputa and sometimes there isn’t just…

  4. How come EcoNet Zimbabwe which is hosted 300km away in Harare is able to interfere with Zambian networks in Chirundu, Siavonga, Lower Zambezi and all such areas? There must be something fundamentally wrong. The greatest achievement scored so far is to harmonize the short codes for all networks. Can you justify why you should continue to be in existence?

  5. Toothless organization busy tracing the people that defame Pungwa but do nothing on thieves that scam people every day. My friend was scammed recently and reported the matter by providing all necessary leads, Nothing to-date has happened.

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