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There’s a ploy to arrest Lusambo says Nakachinda


Patriotic Front Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakachinda says there’s a ploy that has been marked by Community House to have former Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo arrested.

Mr Nakachinda stated that instructions have been given to the Police to arrest Mr Lusambo against all odds regardless of the fact that he was cleared by the Law Enforcement Agencies on charges related to the murder involving Obed Kasongo a National Democratic Congress (NDC) members.

He added that the ploy is as a result of the fear that the UPND have that they might lose in the forthcoming Parliamentary By- Elections in Kabushi Constituency.

Mr Nakachinda noted that as proved by two clear medical reports from reputable medical Doctors, one among them a Russian Doctor it was cleared that Mr Obed Kasongo died of a natural cause.

“But for purposes of wanting to defies Mr Lusambo, the instructions that have been given now are that he should be arrested and not allowed to file in his nominations and if he has to be cleared or released it should be after the nominations,” Mr Nakachinda noted

“This is not only thuggery, unlawful, criminal, we think that this mafia style of governing the country should not be tolerated as this an indictment against the Head of State, Executives, and the UPND,” Mr Nakachinda added

He explained that this vindictiveness with which Mr Lusambo is being treated and subjected to under the UPND government is very unfortunate as it is the same thing that they are also doing to the former Kwacha Member of Parliament Mr Joe Malanji of wanting to hint around something they can use to try and get them not to file in their nominations.

“Let’s not allow ourselves through political expedients to be testing the Zambian people because one day we may end up planning this nation into chaos, let a fair democratic to be undertaken,” he said

“Go if you want to win, win in Kabushi and end the story,” he said

Mr Nakachinda alluded that to begin to treat citizens, one citizen being treated in a particular way affects many and the way Mr Lusambo is being treated in this country is very unfair and unjust.

He highlighted that this vise is the same thing that is being seen to be done with the civil servants who are being mistreated and abused, when most of them are career civil servants, some of them have been in the civil service for over 20 years, and now they are being subjected to treatment as though they were brought into the civil service as politicians.

“Some of them have served in the Kaunda, MMD, PF regimes and they are now professionally serving in this government and when they refuse to cooperate from any political maneuver of the UPND they are classified as being PF or indeed rebels within the civil service which is very unfortunate,” Mr Nakachinda explained

Mr Nakachinda has since warned the UPND Government that what they are doing is only going to injure them in the end and they are isolating themselves with the steps that they are taking.

“Be with the people and don’t just be among yourselves as a tribal clique and start abusing every citizen, that is not correct,” he stated

Mr Nakachinda emphasized this when he addressed the media in Lusaka yesterday.


    • There is Deja Vu backing his best friend regardless….where is he going to stand? Under which constitution? This thug butchered alot of people with his brutal “NATO forces”, I wouldnt be surprised if you were not part of them.

    • Shame on you Deja Vu but I am not surprised because you are a chap who is lawless and has cavalier mentality!!

    • You two are nicom poops that will follow s corpse in the grave. First Lusambo is not my friend and I have never met him in person. Secondly typical Tonga Mweetwa said your party was going to easily scoop the Kabushi seat so why are they trying to stop Lusambo from standing? Tarino Orange I have told you that I don’t support the PF but I condemn injustices whether by PF or Upnd.

    • Deja vu

      What part of criminal suspect don’t you understand ???

      Lusambo is a criminal suspect. Involved in electrol violence and a suspect in an attempted murder of obed kasongo.

      If you don’t support PF , you are a blatant tribal supremacist who can’t fathom being ruled by a tonga……

    • Deja Vu why are you employing such a toxic tribalistic tone…we all know which tribe Mweetwa comes from. So what if he is campaigning for his party.

    • @Deja Vu: Lets be humane. There was a life lost and we have a family languishing. Honestly if Lusambo was involved as per his mad friend Kambwili. Do we let him get away with Murder? Lusambo is Zambian but if he killed or solicited a killing becoz PF thought they were above the Law??? Let him face his evil acts. There is no room for murder in Democracy. He should prove himself to be Innocent.

  1. Maybe one could read Articles 72(1), 72(2)(h) and 72(4)(a) of the Constitution of Zambia(Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016.

  2. No one would trust those autopsies done on obed kasongo under PF to ascertain the cause of his death…………

    Why did he only die after he was gravely and brutally hacked by lusambo and his gang ?????

    The man looked perfectly fine during campaigns………

    That death case needs to be reopened……..

  3. Lusambo should just keep calm, he will have his day in court if he is indeed innocent he will be cleared. In life never find yourself in situations you can’t explain yourself out of. This man was the law unto himself he didn’t see the shoe changing feet.
    There were cases in the past that were swept under the carpet, they should be revisited. The gassing will also not go away. Same goes for all other perpetrators, be ready at all times.

  4. Even if lusambo was cleared of obed kasongos death under the corrupt compromised PF judiciary…………

    Obed kasongo was brutally hacked by lusambo and his gang………….

    By admission of the victim himself and numerous witnesses…….

    That was an attempted murder………..

  5. Because they know they cannot beat him at the polls. Let them touch my bro lusambo and they will find out what sort of damage a revolver can do. Bang bang

    • Is this the real Kaizer zulu the baboon who single handed my masterminded and coordinated the election rigging. This baboon should be in jail for life by now.

  6. Only the guilty are scared of their shadows….this thug thought his boss will rule forever protecting him now he is hiding behinf this fat boy Nakchinda. Everything that goes around comes around where are your so called NATO Forces?

  7. It’s unfortunate that the PF are employing these old tactics despite having been in Government. As the largest opposition and being the Party that was recently in Government I expect them to raise the bar and begin to engage the UPND in a mature manner. Whoever is giving you such intelligence information might be mislead you, and I don’t think this is the correct of using intelligence info. I remember how the UPND in opposition were chasing empty trucks thinking they had pre-marked ballots. I still remember how HH was misled to the extent of claiming that he was controlling the Special Division. These are the kind of politics that have damaged our institutions. You may have your own people in these institutions but that isn’t the reason that you should behave in such manner. If Lusambo…

  8. For the sake of some people, I am reposting what I commented on the article entitled, quote: ” UPND Cadres Say Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji are automatically disqualified to Re-Contest their Seats” end quote.
    Article 72. Vacation of office as Member of Parliament and dissolution of political party
    Section 2: The office of Member of Parliament becomes vacant if the member—
    subsection: (h) is disqualified as a result of a decision of the Constitutional Court; or

    Section 4: A person who causes a vacancy in the National Assembly due to the reasons specified under clause (2) (a), (b), (c), (d), (g) and (h) shall not, during the term of that Parliament—
    Subsection: (a) be eligible to contest an election;

  9. “…But for purposes of wanting to defies Mr Lusambo, the instructions that have been given now are that he should be arrested and not allowed to file in his nominations and if……..”

    The PF hierarchy are only saying this because they know lusambo is as guilty as they come……..

    This is like a theif predicting his eventual arrest……….and saying he has information that the police will arrest him…….

    Let lusambo clear his name………..

  10. What I have re-posted above is what disqualifies Lvsambo……..otherwise, this is another bulsh!t coming from the PF kitchen and this looser called Nakaciinda
    Again, I must agree with @Ayatollah, above.
    Ba PF no strategy, kuwire-wire-wire fye…….they are trying to create a narrative that, if Lvsambo gets disqualified, it’s because UPND fear to lose the seat….which is ridiculous !!
    And for those calling upon UPND to leave Lvsambo and square it out at the polls, well as much as that sounds logical and fair, I believe you are crying for Rule Of Law, therefore, what the constitution says should be binding. And I have given you extract from the constitution.

  11. I would rather spend my energy to fight for those two fishermen fined K240,000 each for illegal entry into the Kafue National Park, than fighting for this suspected criminal in the name of Lvsambo.
    The same du.mb MPs responsible for the sh!t laws like fining K240,000 to those poor people. Parliament is better off without him. period. Let him continue with his newly found career of preaching politics in churches…..he seems to be becoming very good at it. so let him continue and hope he would have been so experienced such that he will continue preaching once he enters mukobeko.

  12. The Law is clear, He does not qualify just like their last presidential candidate never qualified by law, but as usual some dull chaps defended the law in the wrong direction.

  13. This is simple let there be no arrest this time until by elections what are they afraid of? come on bane dungusakuwa no tactics allowed please lets go fight them on the grass root kwasila,capwa.Nachinda viva nakachinda viva go ahead big man forge ahead and bring checks and balances.

  14. Careful. Arresting a popular candidate in the presence of his supporters is potentially a powder keg that that could spark serious rioting that may get out of control..

  15. It’s not a ploy. If he has aquire things dubiously then he has to answer for it whether he is a candidate or not.

  16. Kaizer what area of business are you now into? Please represent your parents well as you craft your response, I’d like know what the “rich” do.

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