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ACC Arrest Clever Mpoha over a Single Sourced Contract for ZNS Military Uniforms


The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested Clever Mpoha, Director and Shareholder of Savenda Group of Companies for corrupt practices involving US $927,448.00 Mpoha, of flat F104 Bank of Zambia Flats in Fairview, Lusaka, has been arrested and charged with three counts of corrupt practices.

Mr. Mpoha is a Shareholder and Director of two other companies namely Eagle Trading International and African Security Academy (ASA) of Zambia.

The arrest comes in the wake of a contract which was single-sourced and signed between the Ministry of Defence and the African Security Academy (ASA) of Poland for the financing and purchase of military uniforms for the Zambia National Service at a contract sum of US$47million.

Investigations have revealed that Mpoha’s company, African Security Academy was the representative here in Zambia of the parent African Security Academy of Poland and financial transactions were facilitated through Mpoha’s other company Eagle Trading International.

Consequently, in the first count, Mpoha has been arrested and charged with the corrupt transaction by a private person contrary to section 20(2) as read with Section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Investigations have revealed that between 1st March 2018 and 30th June 2018, Mpoha, through his company Eagle Trading International, attempted to pay US $200,000 into the bank account of the Australian owners of Simonga Farm in Chikankata District, for and on behalf of Mr Sturdy Mwale, former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, as part payment for the purchase of the said farm.

Mr. Mpoha was in the second count arrested and charged with corrupt practices with by private persons contrary to Section 20(2) as read with Section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012. Details are that Mpoha, through his Eagle Trading International, offered and actually paid US $200,000 into a bank account for the Australian owners of Simonga Farm on behalf of Sturdy Mwale as part payment for the purchase of Simonga Farm for facilitating the signing of the contract by Sturdy Mwale.
The payment was an inducement or reward for Sturdy Mwale for the supply of military uniforms for the Zambia National Service In the third . count, Mpoha has been arrested and charged with reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to Sectio possession of property n 71(1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010.

Details are that Mr. Mpoha, being a shareholder and Director in African Security Academy , did receive a total of US $527,448, funds which were fraudulently paid by the Ministry of Finance as pa fees for the delivery of the subject contract payment of the arrangement.

The funds were paid by the Ministry of Finance outside the budget line of the uniforms despite that the contract was to be financed by the supplier

Mr.Mpoha is expected to appear in court soon.


  1. It was stealing and corruption festival under lungu…………

    Lungu and his gang deliberately did not work on textile manufacturing in zambia so they could facilitate corruption in the import chain……….

    Look at the ZAF and police uniform imports…..

    All riddled with corruption

    • Surely, do you have to spend $47million for mere military uniforms. This was grand corruption for sure. From this transaction a mere PF cadre masquerading as a permanent secretary was able to purchase a very large ranch in chikankata district. It was under this same fellow that an exhorbitant gulf stream was purchased

    • The story is so shoddy written one can’t venture to opine on it unless you have extra information outside of this report

    • @Kulibonesha These military suppliers in Europe target African politicians like those Luangwa lions target prey. They did the same with Jacob Zuma in South Africa. They play a big role in our corruption

  2. If you hear an explosion, it will be the walls of the old Chimbokaila prison exploding as all these crooks are crammed in there. By the time Kaizer Zulu follows his boyfriend, Edgar Chagwa Chakolwa Lungu, in to the prison, there will not be any space even for a needle, and the old walls of that place will burst wide open.

  3. Deploy more security around Gilbert Phiri, he’s the man of the moment and not the bipolar fondler who makes news by issuing calls out

  4. Jealousy will kill chi HH. Look how they embarrassed themselves over ndambo.any successful person is a threat. Fuseke

    • Theft is not success you kaponya kalya-nyoko. You are so deeply immersed and imbued in the culture of criminality and stealing that you think looting the country is normal behaviour. They should enact a RICO statute in Zambia so that whenever crooks and plunderers like you are prosecuted, everything they have claimed to own is taken by the state.

  5. Most of zambias stolen money is in SA and Dubai………..

    GRZ needs to look at systems to track down this stolen loot…………

    International bounty hunters will be a good option……….

    Even if just to harass the thives and make them spend in bribes to hide the ill-gotten wealth………….if zambia can not get it back, let the thives also lose the loot in bribes trying to cover their tracks……

  6. PF really had a field day. This was really day light robbery and still have people on this platform supporting PF. PF is a dead party and never to be seen again.

    • It’s not only in government even in the mines people are stealing 24/7. That’s why the mines have been trying to do away with Zambian suppliers and contractors.

    • If HH continues to clean up the country, and lock up career criminals like the kaponya Kaizer Zulu, his boyfriend Edgar Chakolwa Lungu, etc, it should eventually get clean. Right now the HH’s ACC is cleaning up the cesspool that was left by PF and MMD

  7. Is this the UBZ guy??
    Is he not the same guy to do with the Ambulances cancelled contract that has put those health PEOPLE in trouble?

    • Yes, he was your point is what? You can be arrested thousand times for corruption ,,its something you can never understand as you love coming to the aid of crooks like Chitotela and your pal Bowman in CB.

  8. It’s sturdy mwale who is supposed to be charged for single sourcing the contract on count one then soliciting for and receiving a bribe of $200 000 on count two. This guy is only guilty of paying a bribe to a government official in order to get a contract to supply uniforms. When there are simple mistakes then culprits get away scot free as it has been happening.

  9. Iwe ka KZ your corrupt regime will never rule Zambia again and you will never ever step your ugly poking nose in state house.

  10. Clever Mpoha the man that almost shut Stanbic Bank because if his cadre conections on the bench. We really lived through a circus during Jona’s reign. A clique was hand picking projects. Shame on them

  11. ACC id you want to get this guy behind bars you need to dig deeper than anything less than 1 million dollars…Sturdy Mwale is another one all Defence contracts were going through him. You wonder why there is so much unemployment all these defence uniform contracts going abroad just so middlemen can inflate them. meanwhile Mulungushi Textiles is rotting away in Kabwe.

  12. Only one person is entitled to be rich in Zambia. The rest of the people are corrupt. Understand Parties and Never Doubt!

  13. I hope these arrests will yield at least 5 prominent convictions by the time we will be voting back President HH into power in 2026. One year after losing power, one would expect that these members of that criminal enterprise could have covered their tracks very well. Nipano tuli

  14. I concur with Razor @13,
    The one who is supposed to be charged with single sourcing is the govt official and not the supplier.
    The supplier should be charged with offering and paying a bribe.
    I hope these issues don’t present a challenge in court.

  15. It was going to be better if his name was INTELLIGENT MPOHA and Not CLEVER MPOHA because cleverness is short lived

  16. Corruption has become so normal that its now a substitute of success.This is one of the most painful signs of our times,shockingly,the sense of shame has been lost.

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