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The Zambia Police release Boy Friend who allegedly killed his Girl Friend’s 2 year old Son


The Zambia Police have released Mwila Bwipwa, the boyfriend to the 22-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Kamwala South Area who murdered her two years old son Sangwani Chabinga on Saturday by pressing a pillow on him.

According to Police sources, Mwila who was believed to be with Masowe Maeke at the time of the son’s death was released yesterday from Police custody because there’s no sufficient evidence connecting him to the murder of Sangwani Chabinga who was put to rest in Lusaka yesterday.

Reports of Maeka pressing a pillow on the face of her son and sat on him until he became unconscious shocked the nation.

On 14th August, 2022 Kabwata Police Station received a report of murder by Mokwane Maeke aged 27 of unmarked house in Kamwala South area who stated that her young Sister Mosowe Maeke aged 22 of the same address murdered her child Sangwani Chabinga by pressing a pillow.

The incident happened at 13th August,2022 between 17:00 and 19:00 hours at Shamukani Lodge in Kamwala South.

Confirming the development, Zambia Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga noted that the accused who was staying with her elder sister, the reporter in this matter was chased from home which led to her booking a room at a named Lodge in Kamwala South where she killed her own son.

Mr Hamoonga added that the suspect came from Kitwe in April 2022 where she was staying with her biological mother to join her elder sister but on 11th August, 2022, she was chased for not sleeping at home the previous night and was given K400 as transport fare to go back to Kitwe.

Mr Hamoonga stated that instead of going back to Kitwe, the suspect used the money to book a room and stayed at a named Lodge for three days and after realizing that she had nothing to feed her child and herself, she decided to kill the child by pressing a pillow on the head and sat on it until the baby became unconscious and thereafter she decided to check out of the Lodge and took the child to her elder sister’s place who she informed that she had killed the child because she had nothing to feed him.

He added that the sister to the accused Mokwane Maeke and other relatives took the child to Chilenje Level One Hospital after noticing that the child still had a pulse and thinking he was still alive but regrettably upon arrival at the Hospital the child was pronounced dead by medical personnel upon arrival and later the deceased body was deposited at University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Mortuary.


  1. Innocent unless proven guilty. If you don’t have evidence then forget about it. Same way with these corruption allegations targeting pf.

  2. Innocent unless proven guilty. If you don’t have evidence then forget about it. Same way with these corruption allegations targeting pf x

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