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Re branding the UPND Lies


As Zambians look back at the last 12 months of the UPND in office, they should not lose sight of the party’s pronouncements while in the opposition and what it is claiming to be today. The UPND in opposition produced a 10-point economic blueprint about how the party would rapidly deal with and remedy all the economic malaise associated with the PF. The UPND leadership promised the voters economic emancipation and an improved standard of living.

In the area of good governance, the party promised to promote the rule of law, media freedom and an independent judiciary. The rule of law does not mean a reduction in cadre-perpetrated violence which vice had become systematic under the PF era. Instead, it means the promotion of civil liberties as guaranteed under our constitution. It also means protection against arbitrary arrest and detention of citizens by the State. It means the right to a fair trial before an impartial tribunal which is not at the beck and call of those in power.

However, even if one wanted to be charitable about the UPND’s economic performance in the last 12 months, its abject failure to manage the economy in the interest of the poor is glaring. The absolute faith manifested by the leadership in the long-awaited IMF bailout has exposed its incompetence. It is this manifest failure to tame the economy as promised which has made HH change his tone and flight plan.

On arrival in Kasama on Friday 12th August 2022, he was reported thanking the people in Northern Province for supporting UPND in last year’s election. He said it is their vote which has brought about peace and unity in the nation. It is often said that peace is not only the absence of war. The poor people in Northern Province and elsewhere around the country who constitute the majority of our population cannot be said to be living in peace when their bellies are empty. HH cannot point at any part of the country which is involved in ethnic communal conflicts where UPND has intervened to engender peace and unity as he claims.

This is a figment of his own imagination which is constructed to divert the people’s attention from the chronic hunger and misery afflicting them under UPND. He is deliberately trying to rebrand the pre-election UPND lies. It is Hannah Arendt said that “The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wish to hide.’’

The City TV incident in Kasama on 12th August 2022 where the District Commissioner believed with extreme pride that she was right to threaten the media personnel for exposing the lack of transparency in the recruitment of census enumerators is anathema to media freedom. Let’s wait and see what will happen to her from a party which prides itself in upholding media freedom.


    • You underestimate the intelligence of Zambians. Why do you think they would ever vote for these criminals again? The only place where they belong is Lusaka Central or Chimbokaila, with the key their cell permanently thrown away

    • Kalya-nyoko, you, Kabimba, Michael Satan, Edgar Chakolwa-Johnathan Mutawire Lungu, left Zambia with a US $30 billion debt trap that it will never be able to pay. The only sound I want to hear out of your evil and lying mouth is when you are screaming from behind bars of a cell in Chimbokaila

  1. The UPND can’t be rebranded, they’re incorrigible. The UPND even in opposition were guilty of many atrocities. To expect much from them is being naive.

    • The UPND is the most honest party to rule Zambia since UNIP. All these tribalist parties, such as PF and MMD destroyed what Kaunda left. They sold the country to Arabs from Lebanon, just as their ancestors sold other Zambians to Arabs from Tanzania during the slave trade

  2. Kabimba was with sata introducing pangas into zambian politics…….

    No one takes him serious, he is a political clown………

    • Typical criminal. Before that, his patron Michael Satan sold other Africans in the liberation struggle to the English colonialist, because he was a snitch. After independence, he ran into exile in London, where lacking education, he became a platform sweeper at a train station. One of the biggest mistakes Kaunda made was to forgive the criminal and let him back in the country. By tribalist, theft and crookery, the thing became president of Zambia and looted it from being solvent, to being insolvent in the short space of 3 years. God had seen enough, and he took it out of this world, but the animal that came after was just as bad, as it continued to loot, leaving Zambia in a debt trap of US $30 billion, which we can never pay.

  3. Wynter is no different to Chilufya Tayali …they survive off leftovers to be relevant but PF is no more you just have to make a living like ordinary people now!!

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