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SADC important for development in region


Government says the Southern African Development Community SADC is an important vehicle for development in the region through its many initiatives aimed at improving the livelihoods of the people in the member states.

In commemorating this year’s SADC Day, Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda said Zambia recognizes and appreciates the role that SADC plays in improving food and nutrition among its member states by providing an indigenous seed bank for Agriculture.

“The SADC Plant Genetic Resource Centre, also known as The Seed Bank continues to play a crucial role in this regard by serving as a storage for different varieties of master seeds that may no longer be available in SADC member states. If farmers find that they have run out of a certain type of seed they can come here and request for such,” she said

In a speech read on her behalf by Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Kennedy Kalunga, the Minister said the SADC Plant Genetic Centre plays a critical role in helping government achieve its goal to improve the country’s economy and has called on the media to share Information on the centres activities to create awareness even for the beneficiaries.

And Head of the SADC Plant Genetic Resources Centre, Justify Shava said the Centre was established in response to the need to conserve indigenous seed that have become distinct as a means to provide food security in the SADC region and beyond.

“We thank the member states of SADC for coming up with the idea which is literally helping almost everyone to ensure that there’s food and nutrition and security for the region of SADC and also contributing to survivor and food security of other parts of the world” he said.

Meanwhile, Chongwe District Commissioner, Evans Lupiya said the SADC Plant Genetic Resources Centre has contributed to the improvements of farmers in the area through its many initiatives in Agriculture including capacity building and has thanked the SADC for their assistance in improving the livelihoods of the people of Chongwe


  1. There she is again making and stating the obvious so she is not asked tough questions…this is one empty suit stealing taxpayer’s funds.

  2. This my ex playmate is starting to look more older. Must be the stress of working under upnd.

    As for tarino continue bullying her. She refused you at secondary school yet here you are taking out your anger on her. She made it in life and you became a mere shoe shiner in London. Fuseke.

    I am mourning a great man today.RIP edem djokoto. As a man who came from humble education background I never know how to read or write and always admired edems prowess with words. He motivated me to become a better speaker and writer. Years later I was to become an advisor to the president of the Republic. Go well. Aluta continue

  3. Tell me one SADC project. Tell me how it has brought a smile to any SADC citizen. Why after 40 years doesn’t the region have a common passport, currency, market, educational curriculum, parliament

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