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Two Political Parties to Support Opposition Candidates in Kabushi, Kwacha By – Elections


Two political parties have so far declared interest to support opposition candidates in the forthcoming Kabushi and Kwacha Parliamentary By-Elections slated for 15th September, 2022.

The Socialist Party and the New Heritage Party have both vowed to support the strongest opposition party.

Socialist Party Zambia President Dr Fred M’membe announced yesterday during a media briefing that his party’s Central Committee has unconditionally resolved to support Patriotic Front’s Bowman Lusambo in Kabushi Constituency and Joseph Malanji in Kwacha Constituency in the coming By-Election.

Dr M’membe noted with concern the unjust treatment that both Mr Lusambo and Mr Malanji have been subjected to, as the country is not going to be a good place to live in for any of the citizens if it’s not a good place for all of us to live in.

“Yes, we would have loved to have a seat in Kabushi or Kwacha, but not at the expense of Justice,” he noted

Dr M’membe added that the opposition leader made an assurance that the Socialist Party structures in both Constituencies will be mobilized to support the duo.

Dr M’membe explained that noble sentiments are worthless if they are not inspired by correct ideas, selfless ideas, just ideas and humane ideas, thus the Socialist Party believes in justice, equity, peace, and principles anchored on honesty, humility and solidarity and based on these values, and ideas, the Central Committee of the Party has taken a decision to act in solidarity with Mr Malanji and Mr Lusambo.

He stated that like many other well-meaning Zambians, frowned at the ruling of the Constitutional Court made in the case of Mr Malanji, the Socialist Party feels Mr Malanji has not been treated fairly as the Party does not agree with the decision of the Constitutional Court.

“We are not the only ones who don’t agree with the decision, even the Judge of that Court also disagrees with it, so it is an unfair, and unjust decision that is not humane,” he stated

“Those who are Christians will agree with us that to be like Christ is what Christianity is about. And we ask ourselves, what would Christ do in this situation? Would he wash his hands and say crucify Malanji?” he said

Dr M’membe lamented that the Party has looked into the looked into the situation of Mr Lusambo in Kabushi, and the Party feels that there has been an attempt to squeeze Mr Lusambo at any cost and in every aspect of his life, an act that is deemed to be barbaric and the Party is aware of the attempts to stop Mr Lusambo from contesting.

Dr M’membe said that the decision to support the duo is not taken out of a tactical political move but it is a decision that is anchored on Socialist Party principles, and also to help the duo reclaim their seats.

The opposition leader cited that there is information that both Hon Malanji and Hon Lusambo are likely to be charged with unbailable offenses such as theft of motor vehicle, and murder so that they do not contest or recontest these seats.

Dr M’membe stated that the support the Socialist Party will give to the duo does not mean that the party has formed an alliance with the Patriotic Front.

Meanwhile, the New Heritage Party Deputy Secretary General-Political, Gershom Kapalaula, highlighted that their Party will not participate in next month’s Kabushi and Kwacha Constituency Parliamentary By-Elections but will instead support the strongest possible opposition candidates in these constituencies to minimize the chances of splitting the opposition votes.

Mr Kapalaula stated that the move is aimed at preventing a situation where the country could turn into a de-facto One-Party-State, although the two upcoming By-Elections are not adequate to afford the ruling party a majority in Parliament, a win in the two constituencies could lead closer to a One-Party State.

He explained that the decision must not be seen as supporting the party represented by the individual candidate but rather, supporting what he terms as “the Zambian Agenda” which requires a selfless and serving approach to governance.

“The Zambian Agenda requires that at every juncture, individuals and parties make the right decision for the country regardless of political party, tribal or economic groupings,” he said

Mr Kapalaula noted that the New Heritage Party’s position is in accordance with a resolution of opposition Parties which emphasize the need for opposition unity and standing on one platform in matters of national significance.

“Our Party will announce the strongest opposition member after an assessment of the candidates that will successfully file in their nominations,” he noted


  1. I think it’s too early to declare support for particular candidates when they haven’t been officially adopted by their political parties. Respective parties will have to examine the eligibility of candidates and I hope they’ll be guided by the Constitution.

    • Thats one of the reasons why I think this is not news. The other is they are opposition so its expected of them to be against the ruling party. If they support theruling party then it becomes news because that is like man biting a dog.

  2. Pwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Political parties you call them. These are small family gatherings trying to resolve a small issue of a problematic juvenile

  3. High time this nonsensical type politics transformed into mature non trivia mindedness among participants! Hate of an individual and not focussing on the general direction that person is working at serves no good for the country! Losing elections to a ‘simple village boy’ you vowed on your lives would never set foot in State House and calling him all sorts of names because you considered him not belonging to the “Some-of-Us” grouping! Grow up beaten PF together with your pitiful losers in the opposition! There is a different face in the State House and other than keep licking the bitter pill of loss and taking it personal on HH against the vision he has, be useful to the Zambians people through constructive criticism on ideas other than insults on the person! Like it or not HH has…

  4. Unless you are the only ones voting. We will use this to put cement on your graves ba PF so you go forever. Tired of these *****s

  5. Ati two opposition political parties, as if they really exist. Even if all opposition Political parties gather together to fight the mighty UPND in Kabushi and Kwacha, everybody knows this is just a combination of tears being gathered together. These are small insignificant parties, the reason they can not stand on their own in the first place

  6. I can not wait to see how the popularity claim which was being bought by money then will evaporate in this election. We all know the money evaporated after DEC closed all loop holes, I smell the drubbing of August 12 repeating itself here

  7. Mmembe is a funny guy. The capitalist who wants to be a socialist. He hated PF now he is their stooge.

    • No he went to bed with PF. Which in itself was a sellout to journalism. When PF won, Post journalists were given jobs in government and State House

    • The politician who masqueraded as a journalist. Fighting political fights as he duped the whole nation that he was a journalist

  8. Its like a Socialist supporting Republican – Right wing party !
    Uncommon, only in Zambia !
    I dismiss the notion that Mmembe`s party is a Socialist Party, has nothing to do with socialism! Its one of those “home brewed ” ideology, just like the so called “Christian Nation”

    • At least you know this UK based Impostor …anyone who is touring “on the ground” would name one landmark they had visited but this is imposible for our resident Impostor because real KZ has gone underground and keeping a low profile.

    • Continue living a dream. You won’t know what hit you on election day. Tarino you claim you don’t talk to me and yet you always commenting on things addressed to me. Do you have an obsession. Fuseke. Go and wipe old peoples backsides uko kwine ku uk. The whole point of vpn is so that f00Is like you think am in uk when am not. So it is working.

    • Ok show us that you are in Zambia. Go to a Zambian Cafe and post under a Zambian flag some two or three times

    • So that you hack my phone and account. You must be f00Iish. .you have no idea the legal implications of me posting with a Zambian flag here. Your brain is too simple to comprehend. Your f00Iish hh wants to get me and you think posting using Zambian flag will do me favours? Fuseke. Most pf are blogging using vpns to avoid persecution by your tribal leader

  9. Whether Lusambo has been treated unjustly in the corruption investigation and nullification of his 2021 election “victory” is one story which needs to play out fully. Whether he is fit to represent Zambians in any constituency; the answer from any Zambian who cares about law and order, and honesty should be a resounding no.

    M’membe is showing here again that he is without principle and directionless; a consummate spoiler pining for the bygone glory days when he was the one important voice in the media. How does a socialist champion of the people casually support the prince of kleptocracy; support a man who wants a game park in his back yard in a residential neighborhood?.

    • He wasn’t important to those who could see through his hunger for attention grabbing actions. He found a platform on Zambia’s docile newsmedia and started staging his political antics.
      I agree with that title you give Lusambo prince of kleptocracy kikikikikikiki I guess they are birds of the same feather

    • It should not be forgotten that he only discovered he could hit back at the MMD via the Post after he was denied a cabinet post. He had been in the expectant garden hotel shadow cabinet but Mpundu Titus Chiluba shunned him. He then set a vendetta against Mpundu

  10. Wouldn’t it be nice for all of us in Zambia to wake up to Zebras cantering around in our backyards—where did this kind of money, spent so frivolously come from?

    And yes Jesus Christ was for the canning of the corrupt and casting out dens of thieves from temples. John 2:13-16 . Apparently M’membe can’t even read the bible, or he is manipulating the good news for his own ends—either way, they are both disqualifying actions for a leader.

    • Private Zoos are a big thing with stinking rich tycoons. Lusambo was copycatting the Floyd Mayweathers of this world

  11. Upnd are cowards….. they can’t win if Hon Malanji and Hon Lusambo stand..No Wonder they are busy distributing CDF.. foolish… Yaba

  12. Fred M’membe has no direction he knows these candidates will not qualify with ECZ but he wants to use that opportunity to write his silly articles. He has no understanding of socialist principles surely how can you support Bowman and Helicopter Malanji just field your own candidates.

  13. I can understand when an opposition party refuses to field a presidential candidate as they might feel its too lofty an assignment. But local constituencies are where any political party wants to test its strengths. This just goes to show socialist party are chickens. Cluck cluck ba Nandoskfc

  14. “Yes, we would have loved to have a seat in Kabushi or Kwacha, but not at the expense of Justice,” We will see if you stick to these principles

  15. one advantage to the nation of holding the two parliamentary by elections is that the two court condemned and self imosing candidates shall willingly release part of the their huge hidden money reserves and throw it into circulation. the other truth is that they are both going to lose with shame either technically unde the laws of zambia or by open rjection through the barrot. as for membe, forget about him. his party has no money thats why of late has been trying to support all those identified to pilfered large amounte from govt with hope to make them join and support his party. unfortunately most crooks cant surrender their money to another known crook and political failure

  16. you are right awee. i hope even the kalandanya musicians shall also resurfe and handsomely funded. i liked their songs and dances but unfortunately they became brainwashed

  17. Fred M’membe !!! its an obvious case, this guy will always vote against the ruling party .with the hate that he has for the ruling party, all he sees is bad even when things are good. bitterness is witchcraft.

  18. I wish we could have a legal framework that does not allow access to media platforms to people such as the current Lusambo and the wailers, imagine someone has the audacity to go to EU/Amnesty and even UN to complain about the rule of law when they know very well that they are in the wrong! imagine giving media platforms to Nakachinda, what good can come out of him about our country?
    Musebanya ku chalo chesu.

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