New Dawn administration keen on economic development – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says his government has prioritized economic development in order to improve the welfare of the Zambian people.

President Hichilema explained that his administration will ensure all available resources are channeled to more important projects as a way of ramping up the economy.

Speaking when he featured on the Hot FM red hot breakfast show special interview, President Hichilema noted that the country has experienced a collapsed economy that dropped from 6 percent per year to the negatives.

He assured that government is on the road to recovering the economy through implementation of strategic programmes in a more transparent way, thereby projecting a 3.5 percent economic growth per year.

He noted that the mismanagement of resources will be a thing of the past as he expects business to be done systematically to achieve the vision of the Zambian people.

President Hichilema assured that government will also increase funding to communities so that people in rural areas can also benefit from public services, citing all health facilities to have maternity wings and availability of water.

“Responsibility leadership means that we do the rights to the damages of the country in a sustainable way so that others can build on it, we have brought the economy to stabilize by setting our priorities clear,” President Hichilema stated.

The Head of State also dispelled the allegations that government engaged China on the debt issue at a later stage than other creditors.

President Hichilema explained that his administration needed to understand how much the country owed the creditors and balance with what’s in records so that the restructuring process could be strategic.

He noted that the government’s objective was to be strategic and assured citizens to look out for a better deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Head of state also touched on the issue of abolishing by-elections saying that it is a waste of resources that can be used for more important projects.

He also indicated that people in the public service are free to retire early if they wish, disclosing that he has even signed some letters to allow those who applied for early retirement because it is their right.

The Head of State further promised to address the concerns raised by callers which included issues of employment, transparency and the economy.

As his administration clocks one year, President Hichilema urged Zambians to rate his governance in comparison with the party manifesto noting it is the only way citizens will differentiate unlike listening to information without proper basis.


  1. That is what every president since Kaunda has been telling us. Those words are sweet but the actions have been absent

    • And also take Mumbi Phiri to court, this will dent our reputation as UPND please. What is difficult pamene apa kansi

  2. Economic development is good but take Mumbi Phiri to court. What is your problem. I belong to your party but I will always be on the side of justice

  3. He says he found the Kwacha at 23 to the dollar. He forgets that this new age where information is available for anyone who cares to check… Kwacha was 18.66 and we expected it to drop to five Kwacha after being sworn in.

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