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Police must stop the mischief over the robbery at ECL’s residence


Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Provincial Chairman Christopher Shakafuswa notes with concern the statement issued by the Zambia Police claiming that two Party cadres broke into the house of Former President’s Edgar Lungu and stole two Television sets.

Mr Shakafuswe bemoaned that the statement by the Police Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba to be very careless, unsatisfactory and quite unprofessional.

“For the record, we want to categorically state the fact that the purported suspects that the police claim to have arrested are NOT members of the Patriotic Front as we have checked and verified our Party registers and we can confirm that there are no such names in our records,” he noted

He added that it is shocking that the Police could be dragging the name of the Party in the mud when they could have simply reached out to the Party Secretariat to verify whether or not the said suspects are indeed members of the Patriotic Front.

Mr Shakafuswa explained that the Party wants to make it clear that there are no PF cadres who are found at President Lungu’s residence as the former President has retired from active politics and he has nothing to do with party cadres, and members of the Patriotic Front go to the Party Secretariat and not the residence of President Lungu thus, the Police should desist from putting the name of President Lungu into public odium.

He stated that the Police must pursue suspected criminals for their alleged crimes and not for their purported or perceived political affiliation, which is an unprofessional conduct and such utterances that have made the Zambia Police to be ranked among the worst in the World.

“No wonder up to now they have failed to track and bring to book the criminals that abducted the named mobile money operator,” he said

“How could they issue a statement attaching criminal suspects to an organisation they don’t belong to when a simple check with the Party Secretariat could have revealed the truth about the identity of the said suspects?” he stated

Mr Shakafuswa has since challenged the police to be professional and not to be used as political tools for propaganda purposes, as this is the reason why people are losing trust and confidence in the Police because of such unwarranted statements and unethical conduct by some women and women in uniform.

“The other day, the country was treated to an embarrassing circus at Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) were DEC officers scampered in all directions for their dear lives, when a suspect brandished a gun in their own offices, how can such people who fail to even put a simple metal detector or a simple scanner be trusted with investigative duties of a nation? Shame!” he cited

Mr Shakafuswa alluded that this excuse of a government should instead be exonerating itself and explaining to the Zambians why it is failing to provide security for a Former Head of State.

“We are worried and concerned about the safety and privacy of the Former President and we demand that the Government accord him the kind of security and respect he deserves as a Former Head of State,” Mr Shakafuswa said

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba updated the nation yesterday that on Saturday 13th August, 2022, Police managed to trace one known Patriotic Front (PF) Party Cadre Angel Chipasha of Lusaka’s Chipata Compound who was linked to the theft of two Televisions sets stolen from Former President Edgar Lungu’s resident on 9th August, 2022.

Mr Kajoba noted that the Police raided Angel Chipasha’s home but drew a blank because he had shifted during the day to an unknown location, however, Police managed to trace him in Ten Miles where he had relocated.

He explained that on Sunday 14th August, 2022, Police Officers raided his new place and successfully managed to arrest the suspect and, in the process, recovered one of the stolen Television and upon interrogation, he alleged that a colleague of his Emmanuel Bwalya, commonly known as Emma also a PF Cadre, had the other Television set.

“The two suspects are known to have been frequenting the residence of the Former Head of State, Police is aware that Emmanuel Bwalya is currently on the Copperbelt where he is suspected to have sold the other Television Set,” he said

Mr Kajoba has since appealed to members of the public who could have bought the Television or may have been approached to purchase the stolen Television to report to the nearest Police Station, as failure to do so may lead to the arrest and prosecution of any person who will be found in Possession of the Stolen Television.

He noted that the Police have since launched a manhunt for Emmanuel Bwalya so that he is brought to book and possibly recover the remaining Television Set.

“Investigations are on-going and more details will be availed to members of the public accordingly,” he stated


  1. It has always been a trend to disown political cadres who are found wanting to escape complicity.
    However, the police service should have stayed away from cadristic politics by just naming the offender and letting the public deduce whether the culprit is PF, UPND or UNIP.

  2. “……and members of the Patriotic Front go to the Party Secretariat and not the residence of President Lungu thus, the Police should……”

    But how come we saw a solidarity gathering at lungus residence of PF when lungus wife was being investigated……????

    Lungu even gave a mini speech at his residence surrounded by PF officials and caders………….no ?

  3. The upnd police are all f00Is. They have decided to not provide adequate security for a former president all because their petty ruler hh still has hard feelings . Grow the eff up

    • We didn’t educate any of those criminals your hh has appointed. He got rid of most people that were employed by the pf govt.

    • They did not steal anything from this criminal. Everything in that house, including the house itself, was stolen from the people of Zambia. The only place where that monster should be Lusaka Central Prison wearing a discoloured prison uniform, with Kaizar Zulu as one of the 45 cellmates

  4. Was he carrying a party card. Police should be professional because tomorrow what happened to Kanganja will happen to you too. Just operate as genuine police will operate.

  5. I was just wondering why Mwami 1 took it upon himself to personally issue the statement and not through the Police spokesperson. What the IG doesn’t realize is that some of us are wondering why security was compromised at ECL’s residence, a former President who ranks above a mere Provincial Minister on whose private residence his detail gunned down a suspect. 1st power was cut then later it was discovered that there was a break-in and items stolen with no trace. This is not good for the Police. If I were ECL I’d serious consider engaging private security firms.

    • Police can not control PF caders at lungus residence……….they are his guests……….

      Otherwise Next you will hear nakachinda saying lungu has been kidnapped and is not allowed visitors………..

      Unless the president makes a complaint…….

      We all saw the photos of hoards of PF offering solidarity at lungus residence……

  6. It is lies that ZESCO was cut-off at lungus residence…………

    There is a difference in cutting off mains power and flicking a mains circuit breaker within the premises……….

    Anyone can flick a circuit breaker………

  7. Hold on here a minute, last week was it not being said by Emmanuel Mwamba and Raphael Nakacinda that it was UPND people.
    Therefore, to dispel those stories, it is only right and proper that the culprits be rightly identified as PF people.

  8. There is no news here, the culprits are PF cadres. Why deny them? Ati we have checked in our party records as if they even have records

  9. Let us be honest. Edgar Lungu and his cartel stole a lot of money. That they cannot even save it in banks. Instead the tend to hide money in their homes. This attracts thieves within their PF circle.

  10. Arguing with thieves is just a share waist of time. Every confiscated property must be put on public auction within 30 days. What is now happening is that the public is just kept blind through keeping these confiscated properties. Waiting for the same thieves to reclaim them.

  11. PF as a party has no party cards and no registers. Even this guy shakafuswa he has no card because they don’t believe in cards so he can’t disown them just because they have no cards. Maybe they admitted to being PF members or were identified as having been hanging around with PF structures that’s why the police said,they were PF members.

  12. This nonsense of the police reference to criminals as political cadres will never end. For goodness sake you are the police and law enforcement wing. The mere interest of mentioning criminals as belonging to any political party is a shame. It was wrong in the previous regimes and it is still wrong in the current regime.

  13. This is the most useless Police service of any Administration in the history of Zambia. The girl from the mobile booth kidnapping has still not been found. And the President doesn’t seem bothered about this. The Chief of Police should be fired and a more competent person hired in his place. And now for the first time in the history of the country a former head of State is burgled. Diplomats must be living in fear because the assurences of security given by the State is useless.

  14. We have a very big problem with our Police Service and i personally think they shuold all go for refresher courses stating from the IG.Honestly were is Pamela? what as happened to her mmmmmmmmm now Mumbi Phiri and the latest Kapalala market,surely no arrest mmmmmm be serious people.

  15. If i may ask a question! So the very Pf cadres switch off power in the all area! How ! Police have now be come useful idio.ts under the new doom government.

  16. “an unprofessional conduct and such utterances that have made the Zambia Police to be ranked among the worst in the World.” Dont forget
    Such unprofessional conduct s been created by political parties from MMD PF to UPND. All political parties are one eyed. They see only what favours them never what favours the republic

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