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Dr Munga warns against use of herbal medicine


An Obstetrician Consultant has advised people to refrain from the use of unregulated herbal medicines as they possess a grave danger on their health by causing diseases such as cancer.

Dr Whyson Munga noted with concern how different herbal medicines or traditional remedies are being used and abused for various purposes by both men and women at different stages for the purpose of satisfying their sexual needs.

Dr Munga stated the use of herbal medicine is especially common among women as they use them for various purposes such as inserting herbal medicines in their private parts with the belief that these parts will become tight.

“As a Doctor, I have come across women that go overboard to use herbal medicine to enhance sexual pleasure, and most of the times women fall victim because it’s like they are wired to make a man feel good when a man is naturally made in a very simplified way for him to reach sexual satisfaction,” he noted

Dr Munga explained that the worst-case scenario that he has encountered and seen is the use of the medulla stick, which absorbs the moist and shrinks the space in the private part, it also has a specific timing in that if one goes beyond a specific timing when inserted, it can simply seal off the entire private part to make like a vacuum and the area becomes completely closed and dry.

“Then now we have to find ways of trying to lubricate and relax which is not easy, because if poorly done it can cause injury, but what’s the whole need of that because this causes the private part to be dry than it’s supposed to be and all this is done all in the name of creating a grip,” he explained

He added that some women have even reach to the extent of inserting substances such as sunko, a herbal medicine that most people smoke and sniff but in some cases others insert the same sunko in their private parts for the purpose of tightening, while others use some sort of leaves, which they boil and seat over the steam to allow the steam to go to the private parts with the belief that it becomes dry and tight.

“All this being done is going against nature, by making the parts that where naturally meant to lubricate in preparation for sexual contact,” he said

Dr Munga cited those complications which are as a result of excessive use of herbal medicines are also seen in the male folks who use these herbal enhancers, and the major complication is that they shunt the blood flow to the private parts so that one is ready and strong enough at the expense of blood not being enough to flow to the other vital organs of the body such as the heart.

Dr Munga further cited that the major consequence to this is that, issues such as having a cardiac arrest come in to play because of the reduced blood flow to the brain and the heart as most of the blood is flowing to the private parts as a result this causes a drop in blood pressure, the heart gives up and people just collapse and die.

“Tightening of private parts and warming the body is a natural process, as the body has the ability to produce chemicals that make the body to be naturally warm, it’s not by drinking tea nor by taking herbals neither is it by inserting things, use the natural methods such as Kegel Exercise and if you don’t have information about the natural methods seek guidance from professional medical personnels,” Dr Munga cited

He explained that medical professionals such as gynecologists, provide information on modern methods that can be used other than use methods that may have future consequences because a lot of these herbal medicines that are inserted in the private area disturb the normal organisms that occupy the private parts, hence, disposing oneself to infections such as fungal infections, virginal cancer, cervical cancer and vulva cancer because the cells that line around the virginal change shape because the chemicals in the herbals change the normal way that these cells are supposed to function.

Dr Munga stated that pregnant mothers should refrain from taking any sort of herbal medicine during pregnancy and childbirth as this has caused a lot of problems including maternal mortality, because the body has been made with a biological clock that keeps communication between the baby and the mother and it kicks on the start of labour when an expecting mother is nine months pregnant and immediately labour signs starts, there are hormones that are produced to support the entire labour process.

He added that after child delivery some women may experience birth injuries such as tires that may occur during child birth and if they are not well attended to, women may have gapped private parts, that’s why it’s important to give birth either at a public or private hospital with professional health care workers such as midwives, and Doctors so that one is properly examined and attended to, and incase of a tire it can be nicely stitched, unlike situations where some women resort to taking various herbals and inserting them in their private parts with the hope of resolving the tire injuries.

“The more you attend the antenatal, the more you acquire knowledge on the entire pregnancy process,” he said

Dr Munga alluded that the use of herbal medicine is not bad but it’s important to ensure that these herbs undergo scientific testing to ensure that the content is isolated and known with the correct concentration, hence the need to start analysing these herbal medicines and packaging them in the right quantities and bring them in to the institutional legal framework so that they can be approved for usage with the right dosage.

“As a country, we can do well to galvanized all these herbals by making them by extracting these medicines and removing the toxins that may be there,” he said

Dr Munga highlighted this when he made an appearance on ZNBC Morning Live Show.


  1. Dr Munga is right particularly those lined up for sale on top of the street pavements as well as mushrooming self styled Doctors along the markets, are very dangerous to the desperate society members who are looking for solutions to their health problems. Paul Simbeye

  2. Brainwashed doctor. That’s why Africa won’t develop. You don’t go to university so as to discard indigenous knowledge. The Chinese still practice their medicine. African doctors should be researching on African herbs and advancing them. Have you seen how boers have exploited Bushmen herbs and are now selling them worldwide as theirs while the bushman languish? Just check a medicine called Prosit. It’s originally a Xhoisan product but registered by Afrikaaners because you are sleeping

    • There’s also muti called Timjan which is registered and being sold by boers but is from the African desert aloe. Most African herbalists know it by their own vernacular

  3. Very true education is misunderstood by most Africans. Its taken to mean away with everything African and welcome westernisation. It just mentally colonises us. Herbs are part of health. The Madagascar president told his nationals to use a particular herb which Zulus also use to fight covid. One just can’t discourage us from herbs we have used for centuries because we now have UTH


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