Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Kamalata talks to community leaders in hostile compound of Chibolya to accept Enumerators


 Government has engaged community leaders in various compounds of Lusaka to help reach out to residents especially in hostile communities during the 2022 census for population and housing.

Lusaka Province census chairperson Robert Kamalata advised community leaders in hostile areas such Chibolya to help enumerators access the places and collect data.

Mr Kamalata who is also Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary told ZANIS that government recruited some enumerators who understand the communities and know their way about, to carry-out the exercise.

He said some were recruited from such areas and will be able to carry-out the work with ease as they relate well with the community.

He however noted that government has also engaged the police from nearby stations to help access the communities.

In addition, Mr Kamalata appealed for cooperation from residents to ensure collection of quality data.

He further tipped residents to identify enumerators by green reflectors and identification cards bearing the National Registration Numbers (NRC).


  1. This is way to go. Time of sitting in offices all the time are long gone. Communities are hostile because national cake is not getting down to them. In short do not see benefits of census. Census is not new but has that improved their lives? Planning from such data by govt should improve community lives.

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