Lusaka Province in K4 Million boost for personal emoluments


Government has released Four Million Kwacha to the Lusaka province administration for personal related emoluments.

Provincial Permanent Secretary, Robert Kamalata says government also released more than Two million Kwacha earlier this year, and that the Four Million will further reduce the monies that government owes to the employees and retirees among the 34 departments under the provincial administration.

Mr Kalamata said a total of Eleven Million Kwacha is owed to employees and retirees in terms of settling-in allowances, loading and unloading, leave and travel benefits and long service bonuses among others.

He told ZANIS in an interview that Government has made progress in reducing the backlog which dates as far back as 2010.

Mr Kamalata said that a number of officers and retirees have been paid and that more will receive their monies with the release of the Four Million Kwacha.

.The Lusaka Province Permanent secretary also announced that the Provincial Health Office has received Two Million Kwacha for the personal related emoluments and that officers have already started receiving their dues.

He  noted that government has improved the disbursement of Recurrent Departmental Charges (RDCs) stating that the province has been receiving its monthly allocation consistently.


  1. Ah come on since when did office adminstration bookkeeping start making news? LT seems to be hungry for such trivial day to day occurrences why?

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