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President Hakainde Hichilema assures unemployed youths of more jobs to come


President Hakainde Hichilema has advised unselected applicants in the recently conducted recruitment of teachers and health workers to be a little more patient as they wait for their turn.

President Hichilema says his administration is working towards boosting the private sector to create more jobs for more people in the private sector as well.

He has assured Zambians that his administration remains committed to ensure that the transparency that was displayed in the recruitment process will be normal, going forward.

Speaking during a luncheon he hosted for some beneficiaries of government policies and initiatives, the Head of State thanked the people of Zambia for voting him into power.

He urged all Zambians to fight corruption so that funds are used for the right purposes such as free education and job creation.

“My encouragement to those that didn’t get teaching jobs, because we had such a huge backlog, who didn’t get nothing, the paramedics or docs.

“ Our intention is to expand the economy. To create not just public sector jobs but to facilitate private sector jobs. Those should be the majority of jobs. So don’t lose hope and continue, tomorrow it will be you,

“This is why we must fight corruption, so that money that is being taken by a small number can be left in the public kitting and support more of our children like her children and many others. That is the connection to preserving public resources” he said.

Meanwhile, Catherine Chilufya, a parent who is a beneficiary of free education has thanked Government for introducing free education, stating that it has enabled her to take all her children to school and give them an opportunity to get an education.

And Diana Zulu, a newly recruited nurse in Western Province says she is grateful that after she applied for the job she got selected without solicitation.

Ms Zulu thanked the President for ensuring that people from different walks of life and regions are given equal opportunities to employment.

And marketeers, bus drivers and taxi drivers have also thanked the President for ensuring that carders are removed from markets, stating that they are now able to trade peacefully without threats.

Others that were present were Mary Kaunda a newly recruited teacher, innovators in different sectors and artists.


    • Bally pulled a fast one by employing teachers and health workers before the IMF loan is approved. After the approval is given there will be no more employing in the civil service. Unfortunately there will also be a wage freeze. There will no salary increases until the loan is fully paid back. So those thousands of youths who missed the boat are doomed!!! In a months after the census , those Youths who were engaged as enumerators will also be thrown back in the streets. Thousands more will be offloaded from teacher colleges, Nursing schools , Universities and trade schools. So do not take Bally’ s assurances seriously.

    • Some bloggers are embarrassed that the UPND government is walking the talk. Even without so called IMF loan they have employed over 40,000 public service workers. With or without IMF loan more opportunities are in the offing, so the doomsayers should brace for more embarrassments.

    • Kulibombesha…if they genuinely walk the talk I would say thank you because all of us benefit. Your assumption is very narrow minded. Maybe you are benefitting.

    • The loan is not for consumption, paying wages to (or for employing) civil servants. IMF sets their own conditions on fund disbursements for development and investments. The loan relief comes with tructural adjustments, reduced labour and salary freeze, in the civil service. So many waist belts will be tightened for real.

  1. He’s on the right track. We need to grow the private sector so that the government can have more revenue to employ nurses, teachers and many other civil servants. That’s the only way this can be sustained. So for those waiting, don’t lose hope. When the economy grows, it shall absorb many of our unemployed youths and citizens. We should also not forget that taking CDF directly to the ground is another form of empowerment and creation of employment….let’s go forward!!

  2. The transparency in the previous recruitments leaves much to be desired. I wonder why it so difficulty for Zambia to migràte to E-recruitment automated system when countries such as Rwanda have already done so.

  3. Much of the private sector does not have pensionable jobs, thus lacks job security. The civil service is headed for employment freeze to curb budget swelling. In effect it is tax payers that pay the government workers. Meaningful progressive employment must be in the private sector.
    A mineworkers unionist recently lamented that the 55,000 members they once boasted about since 2000, has ashamedly slumped to 5000 lately. It is an uphill battle for UPND on jobs.

    The biggest achievement so far is bringing inflation from 25% to 9.9% and stabilising the exchange rate in one year. This is no easy feat.

  4. Someone people have no sense of shame…. Surely someone’s work of building schools,colleges and universities and you want to get credit for the things you did not build…Just think for a moment if Pf did not build the schools! Was it going to be possible for the new doom government to employ the teachers and nurses!

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