Sunday, July 21, 2024

Government to increase the number Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries


The United Party for National Development (UPND) Alliance government says it has increased the number of Social Cash transfer beneficiaries in Ndola District from 12, 567 to 15, 188 in the one year that it has been in office.

Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri explains that the UPND Alliance government has scored various successes in almost all the Ministries in the country.

Apart from increasing the number of beneficiaries on the social cash transfer programme, government has further increased the transfer value from K300 to K400 for the vulnerable able bodied and K600 to K800 for the vulnerable disabled households.

Speaking during the commemoration of the first anniversary of the UPND Alliance government in power at the Civic Centre this afternoon, Mr Phiri further revealed that government will soon be registering more potential beneficiaries for enrolment of Social Cash transfer programme.

The recruiting of 30, 000 teachers in the Ministry of Education, and over 11,000 health workers is unprecedented and shows how the government cares for the welfare of its people.

“When the UNPD promised that they will employ 30,000 teachers some sectors thought it was not true but what we have witnessed in the education and health sectors is unprecedented, this is a clear indication of how much the UPND government cares for its people,” he said.

Ndola District this afternoon joined the rest of the country in commemorating the first anniversary of the UPND Alliance government in office.


  1. You don’t increase the number, it’s the number that increases itself. In my village we started with six hundred but last time I checked the had gone to three thousand.

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