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UPND business executive accepts Party’s decision to re-adopt candidates who lost elections


United Party for National Development (UPND) member and Copperbelt-based business executive Mellbin Muyoba Simangolwa has accepted the ruling party’s decision to re-adopt Bernard Kanengo for next month’s Kabushi Parliamentary by-election.

Mr. Simangolwa applied to the UPND for adoption ahead of the Kabushi Parliamentary by-election.

The UPND on Wednesday announced the re-adoption of Mr. Kanengo as the party’s candidate in next month’s Kabushi Parliamentary by-election ahead of Thursday’s nomination day.

After attending the briefing at which UPND Chairman for Elections Garry Nkombo announced the re-adoption of Mr. Kanengo, Mr. Simangolwa pledged to campaign for the UPND candidate and ensure that the party scoops the Kabushi Parliamentary Seat.

Mr Simangolwa said he was pleased with the intra party democracy in UPND and will continue to respect the decisions of the party.

He told his supporters to respect the party’s decision and support Mr. Kanengo.

“We are united, we are UPND. We never divide. I want to congratulate my brother Bernard Kanengo and pledge my full support during the campaigns. We shall win Kabushi as UPND by landslide. I have already communicated to my team to respect the Party decision and support the adopted candidate,” Mr. Simangolwa said.

“You really have to understand that there is always one chance at a time and we truly appreciate that my colleague Bernard Kanengo has been considered this time. We wish him well and we will definitely rally behind him and support him and make sure we can secure that seat for UPND. I think what is more critical is that the ground needs to be made fertile obviously because of previous activities that have happened in the past but we pray that those things will be ironed out and we will be able to forge forward. We wish him well and wish the party all the best,” Mr. Simangolwa said.

“We will be able to support the party. What we are more focused on is to secure the seat for UPND and we are providing that alternative leadership. This process has gone on smoothly and no hard feelings at all. I still have other things that I can do to serve the party and I am committed to serve the party,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UPND National Youth Executive has hailed Mr. Simangolwa for accepting the ruling party’s decision to re-adopt Mr. Kanengo in the Kabushi Parliamentary by-election.

UPND deputy national youth information and publicity secretary David Chikwanda said Mr. Simangolwa has shown maturity that is needed in politics.

Mr. Chikwanda said democracy favours one person at a time and emphasised that Mr. Simangolwa will have his chance in future.

He also expressed confidence that Mr. Kanengo will this time around win the Kabushi Seat.

“As youths we are very confident that the adopted candidates will carry the day because they have full support from those they were competing with. We are one family and intra Party democracy is healthy. We want to commend Mr Mellbin Muyoba Simangolwa for his maturity and we look forward to working with him on different assignment as a party,” Mr. Chikwanda said.

The UPND has also re-adopted Charles Mulenga for the Kwacha Constituency Parliamentary by Elections.

The Kabushi and Kwacha Seats fell vacant after the High Court nullified the election of Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji in the 2021 General Elections.

PF lost the seats after the Constitutional Court upheld the High Court’s decision to nullify the election of Mr. Lusambo and Mr. Malanji last year.


  1. Only the losers would accept to stand under a losing party. Those that want to win can’t waste their time standing under a party that is losing

    • Hahahaha – First, we told you that the two would not stand because we understand the law. Secondly, UPND will carry the day. People want solutions, not little protests. You transport cadres from Kitwe to make it seem like you have support? You will poop bricks.

  2. PF candidates are the weakest, no one can even think of blocking them, the law is the one blocking them, very straight forward issue this one

  3. The adopted candidate of UPND is likely to win for merely belonging to the ruling party. By the way what was the margin of votes between Bowman and Kanengo during the 12 August 2021 elections?

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