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Be firm in condemning homesexuality, Copperbelt Minister Matambo urges church


Copperbelt Province Minister, Elisha Matambo has urged the church to rise to the occasion and condemn home sexuality that he says is slowly becoming a norm in Zambia. Mr. Matambo says the church should stand firm and ensure that homosexuality is condemned in totality.

Speaking in Luanshya when he graced the 16th Zambia annual conference by the United Methodist Church today, Mr Matambo said that Zambia will remain a Christian nation and that such acts have no space in the country.

The minister said that the government is concerned on the matter adding that the church should rise against all odds and condemn the vice.

“Homosexuality is not just a sin but something that is against the order of the order of nature, “ he emphasised.

However, Mr. Matambo has commended the church on the various humanitarian programmes it is providing to the general public.

The church is in many areas partnering with government in the provision of education, health and clean water to the vulnerable citizens in the country.

And United Methodist Church Bishop Kasap Owan says the church condemn all forms of anti-social vices, homosexuality inclusive.

Bishop Owan says his church has, and will always advocate respect for the authority of the Bible which condemns all forms of homosexuality.

It is in this perspective that members of the clergy should always remember to practice good and not evil.


  1. This f00I will be fired tomorrow for uttering those words if not careful. Hasn’t anyone shared the memo with him that his boss is funded by gay organisations.

    • Eweh sataniyko
      I’m in Kabushi your A$$, you gay loving dog.
      Come to kafubu mall and we will see if you leave with your ass in one piece or hanging.
      Fake, just like your father lungu who slept with your hooker mother

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  2. The UK based Impostor’s favourite topic …just to remind you all its 3 day Bank holiday here this is why the troll is very active today it has nothing to do.

  3. As for this noisy moron Elisha Matambo why doesnt he tell his fellow ministers this, the constitution is very clear…the Church has much more pressing issues to attend to than condemn what you want!!

  4. He should be serious.he doesn’t know UPND govt support such nonsense and it will cost them 2026 elections.It’s well known by everyone that Home sexuality is now ripe in Zambia.

  5. Well said Mr. Minister. No homosexuality in Zambia. Anybody wanting to practice gay lifestyle must leave Zambia and move to either South Africa, or some Western country. Zambia is a Christian nation and no gayism should be allowed or entertained.

  6. Get a sense of prospective, if you are not homosexual, why should it bother you. People should be free to treat their body how they wish
    If you all are such good Christians, why are you preaching such hatred.
    The problem with many Africans is they spend so much time bother with something like that, so that important matters like hunger, poverty, lack of health and sanitation are left unattended.
    No wonder most of your countries are basket cases.
    You all major in the minors

  7. The only UPND Minister who has come out to condemn homosexuality openly. Under the new dawn, homosexuality has become the new normal. Even in South Africa where homosexuality is protected by the constitution, lesbians are targeted for rape to ‘cure’ them of the diseases. Both homosexuals and lesbians are targets of murder, just as is the case in developed countries like the US, because homosexuality and lesbianism are not widely accepted in these societies. This is contrary to what Zambians with little exposure want to make us believe.

  8. The upnd tongaz are in full swing attacking and defending their tribal god hh. I won’t stop talking until we get rid if you f00Is. I become an mposter every time I criticise your f00Iish president and yet when I praise him I become genuine haha. Eff off

  9. Fighting homosexuality is not for church alone. Its everybody’s battle.
    It is not enough to verbally condemn , We have to be aggressive.
    Exterminate the abominable creatures.

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