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VEEP applauds Rotary Club international


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has applauded the Rotary International for its efforts in eradicating malaria, which she says has claimed many especially children and expectant mothers.

Mrs. Nalumango says the Rotary Foundation has been a partner of the government for many years in addressing a number of health challenges faced in the country.

She cited the eradicate polio campaign as some of the successful projects implemented by the Rotary Club.

Speaking when she officiated at the Dinner held in honor of visiting Rotary International President Jennifer Jones in Lusaka last evening, the Vice President said government is delighted that the Rotary Fund has partnered with the Ministry of Health and other partners in implementing the “End Malaria Campaign in Zambia.

Mrs. Nalumango added that  government  remains committed to take responsibility of ensuring access to vaccines were needed.

” We also know that malaria has claimed many lives of people than HIV/AIDS or even COVID-19 in countries in the sub-Saharan region such as Zambia. Malaria is indeed one of the health challenges in most parts of the country, which greatly impacts expectant mothers and the new born babies” she said.

She further noted that  the new dawn government appreciates Rotary Club International’s support to eradicate malaria through the 6 Million Dollar project it is currently implementing in Central, Copperbelt and Northern Provinces of Zambia.

The said regions have high prevalence of Malaria at the moment.

“ The  new dawn government’s commitment to this effort is to contribute to the vision of eradicating Malaria in Zambia, Africa and Indeed across the world by taking responsibility of ensuring access to vaccines and drugs where needed as well as mounting health campaigns and collaborative interventions” she said

And Visiting Rotary International President Jennifer says her visit aims at creating global awareness on the end malaria campaign in Zambia and has thanked the government for their warm hospitality and commitment to the project.

She said her visit in the rural areas has helped her appreciate the impact being created by community health workers in the Country and that the Rotary commits to complete the project and help eradicate malaria in the focus areas.

”  The reason for our visit apart from meeting all these wonderful people here is to raise global awareness for the Malaria Free Zambia project.

“ One of the things that I have decided to do with this presidency was to try to raise the eye line of the world to what we do in our organization and the areas of focus, ” she said.

The Rotary International President has been in the Country on a tour of projects being implemented by the different Districts as part of her mandate since she assumed office.


  1. She is simply the totality of a woman.
    Mutinta should be pleating her hair so she can get best advise on how to be an honorable woman.
    Loving you Mutale.

  2. Mutale Nalumango you dont need Bill Gates vacines to eradicate malaria …Rotary Club is just a tool being used by Gates to eradicate your great grand children.

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