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Zambian Government has commissioned the $210 million National Command Centre


The Zambian Government has commissioned the National Command Centre as part of the US$210 million Public Security System Safe City Project aimed at having a unified communication system to enhance security and peace in the country through installation of street cameras in key places across the country.

The National Command Centre, Safe City Project was constructed by the Zambian Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs in partnership with the People’s Republic of China through the ZTE Corporation.

Speaking during the commissioning in Lusaka’s Sikanze Police Camp yesterday, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Jacob Mwiimbu highlighted that the Safe City Project will enhance internal security across the country.

Mr Mwiimbu added that the project is aimed at having a unified communication system which will endeavor to prevent crime by providing reliable and comprehensive security measures.

“This will enable law enforcement agencies to predict threats,” Mr Mwiimbu stated

And the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Zambia Deputy Head of Mission Lai Bo said his government remains committed to supporting and enhancing security in Zambia.

Lai Bo has since commended the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, the ZTE Corporation, and Zambian staff and other stakeholders for the successful completion of the Command Centre.

“ZTE is the epitome of many outstanding Chinese enterprises in Zambia,” Mr Lai said

Meanwhile, the ZTE Zambia Service Limited Chief Executive Officer Arvin Xie noted that the company will work with stakeholders to support and sustain the Project.

The National Command Centre, Safe City Project has incorporated in the project systems such as the E- Policing, Installation of a 4G Wireless Broadband Trucking Network, a Transmission Coalition Emergency response system network, video surveillance system cameras and the installation of the intelligence traffic systems among others.

The National Command Centre will strengthen operations of security wings as it will accommodate all Departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security namely; The Zambia Police Service, Zambia Correctional Service, The Drug Enforcement Commission, The Department of Immigration and The National Anti- Terrorism Centre.

The National Command Centre will provide all the Departments under the Ministry with real-time information and insights of what is happening in and around the cities across the country.

The Centre will assist the Zambia Police Service to effectively operate as it has not more than an estimate of 25,000 Police Officers against the population of close to 18 million people.

Therefore, the Centre is expected to assist the Police Service to keep an eye on the cities by closely monitoring activities around the city of Lusaka and surrounding cities across Zambia.

The National Command Centre system will help bridge the gap between the increasing population and the number of Officers employed.

The National Command Centre is designed to enhance security and not meant to invade the privacy of citizens.

The National Command Centre, Safe City Project has made four deliverables namely construction of the National Command Centre, construction of thirty-six communication towers, installation of radio communication systems and video surveillance system. The construction of the National Command Centre in Lusaka and Regional Command Centres in Kabwe, Choma, Livingstone, Ndola, Kitwe, Solwezi, Chinsali, Kasama, Mongu, Chipata and Mansa have also been completed.

And 116 Districts have been installed with radio communication and four districts namely Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone have been installed with street cameras, The project is scheduled for an evaluation since it has now been commissioned and implemented.

A National Command Centre is a command-and-control room that provides centralized monitoring, control, and command of any situation. The Centre is important as it enables Security Wings to generate real-time visibility and management of an entire service operation by acquiring information and data at a faster rate.


  1. All this technology spying on your citizens in the hands of the Chinks…Stephen Kampyongo’s toys what waste when Police don’t even have a walkie-talkie and bullet proof vests

  2. The bad news is that in cities like Johannesburg where this has been in operation for the past 20 years the crime levels have not dropped. Smash and grabs still happen in daylight, People are mugged in full sight of others. Police can see who is robbing who but they cant do anything. Yes in China this works because Chinese attitude to work and to their nation is very different from Zambians or South Africans. The lesson is that Its the attitude that matters. Teach citizens their own importance to their nation at a very early stage.

    • Mkango’s criticism is very constructive because he offers a solution while those criticizing him offer lame or have no alternatives

  3. Yeah, good stuff we just have to deal with it and move on!! and lets stop making comparisons with other countries because our mentality are not like them.

    • How different are we? Whether you like it or not comparisons are part of life. That’s why people send rockets to the moon, Chipolopolo fights to be Afcon Champs, universities are rated, etc

  4. This is not for crime prevention its for govt to spy on its citizens, this is the new police state watch out big brother will get you.

  5. If there are experts in spying on their own citizens it’s the Chinese. Therefore take this statement with a pinch of salt:
    the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Zambia Deputy Head of Mission Lai Bo said his government remains committed to supporting and enhancing security in Zambia.

  6. This was the grand project of the previous government. Knowing HH, he would not have signed on the 210 million contract. Instead he would have asked how many hostels, schools, clinics, hospitals etc, that money would have built. We should learn to use CCTVs especially in the CBD of Lusaka, Ndola Kitwe and other major cities. By now, we would have known who kidnapped Pamela.

  7. When this project was fist actualised, it was assumed that it was aimed at one opposition leader. So much hullabaloo about the Tokyo Way surveillance system.
    Remember that cop who was smashed to death by a truck on Lumumba Road few days ago? It was the CCTV that gave substance to the conflicting statements that ensued in the aftermath.
    Thanks for commissioning this asset.


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