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The continued detention Sean Tembo is clearly an abuse of the law and power-Changala


Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala has said that the continued detention of leader of the opposition Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo without any charge is unacceptable and a violation of his rights.

Mr. Tembo has been arrested for allegedly defaming President Hakainde Hichilema, but according to Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, police will issue a comprehensive statement on Mr. Tembo’s arrest as soon as they finish with formalities.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Mr. Changala said that although he does not agree with some of the remarks that Mr. Tembo has been making, his arrest and continued detention is clearly an abuse of the law and power.

Meanwhile, the Patriots for Economic Progress through its Secretary General Joshua Lupupa has written to Inspector General of Policy Lemmy Kajoba to register the party’s displeasure and what he terms as unfair treatment of Mr. Tembo by police.

Mr Lupupa said that while the party appreciates that the police have the power to arrest and detain a suspect, it does not include denying one their constitutional right to be represented by lawyers.

In a letter dated 2nd September 2022 addressed to Mr. Kajoba and obtained by Phoenix News, Mr. Lupupa has asked the police chief to prevail over this situation to ensure that Mr. Tembo is accorded fair treatment as he awaits court appearance


  1. As pointed out by blogger Musa on another thread…………

    Changala and other critics should ask why the likes of Given lubinda, mudibile, Davis chama, or Davis mwila are not being detained on defermation laws ?????

    Of course it is because they let the bottom feeders do the insulting while they thread carefully…………

    Waiting to cry foul after the bottom feeders like ST have done the insults and get locked up………..

  2. Please, do not blame Mr. HH for being the president of Zambia. Stop shifting the common problem from incarcerated criminals to Mr. HH’s door step. Mr. HH is a victim and his offenders should stop playing victimhood. All offenders who verbally abuse Mr. HH should be held responsible for their illicit behaviours. The genuine victim is Mr. HH, not the abusers who insult him. Law enforcers (for example the police) should not be blamed for effecting arrests of lawbreakers. In fact, the police should be commended for arresting the offenders. Added to this, the offenders should be compelled to apologise to Mr. HH for harming his reputation and relegating his standing in society. The author of the main article must be questioned and thoroughly investigated in order to ascertain his/her real…

  3. When you detain people for defamation you are in a banana Republic. It’s not an offence that warrants such draconian action. The offence requires a complainant in this case HH to provide evidence on how he has suffered shame. In this case where and to whom did HH complain? Clearly he is basking in his puppet police IG running around and barking at anyone shouting at master HH. It’s sadism.
    I thought Zambia has a law not to detain a suspect for more than 48 hours without charge. Where are the lawyers? LAZ? Happy eating their three course meals?

    • Do our laws have a provision for bringing someone to court “As soon as police finish with formalities”?
      Why is the law being bent to satisfy HH’s ego?

  4. There are 3 persons in charge of ZP, that’s Remmy Kajoba, Jack Mwiimbu and Hakainde Hichilema. Kajoba has been written to but there’s no response so it’s likely he didn’t issue the orders to mistreat Sean. That leaves 2 persons. The Police have become more worse under these 2 than they were under Kampyongo and Edgar but it won’t be without consequences. HH might have a very painful retirement because there will no RB to vouch for him, it’s only his good deeds that will speak for him but it seems he doesn’t see that. I wish him well

  5. When I become president the first law I will ignore is defamation of the president. I will instruct my IG not to arrest anyone on this charge. In 90 days I will repeal that law.

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