Partnership of three IT Institutions to provide cybersecurity training and sensitization


The Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund has partnered with Innovage Investments Limited and Tech IQ Code-IT Academy to provide advanced training in cybersecurity services.

The partnership of the three institutions is aimed at increasing the company’s lease of knowledge, expertise, and available resources.

Yesterday, the Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund, Innovage Investments Ltd and Tech IQ Code-IT Academy announced that the three Institutions have entered into a strategic partnership that will see to it that the Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund and Tech IQ Code-IT Academy will make available their services and expertise that will meet their client’s requirements to the best of their expertise and ability.

The agreement brings together experts in advanced Cybersecurity training and awareness plus high-class cybersecurity services for corporates around Zambia.

Mr Kambe, a Business Manager at Innovage Investment Ltd noted that, this partnership brings together brilliant minds and experts in the cybersecurity space, who are concerned about the rising cases of cyber-attacks the country experiences every day.

“Instead of seeing Tech IQ Code-IT Academy and the Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund as competitors, we see these respective companies as collaborators, who will be working with us towards a common goal, which is to curb the alarming cases of cyber-attacks,” Mr Kambe stated

And Mr John Tshinseki President of the Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund explained that this kind of partnership is in the right direction for both organizations, the Tech IQ Code-IT Academy and the Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund as it will help with conducting sensitization programmes and training of the masses, including organizations, on how they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

Mr Tshinseki added that there are currently a few Cybersecurity Experts in the whole world that need to protect the rest of the people that are actively using the internet on a daily basis.

“Most of the organizations fail to come out even after being hit with cyber-attacks,” Mr Tshinseki cited

The Zambia Cybersecurity Initiative Fund is a Civil Society Organization that aims at providing information and knowledge in areas of cyber security awareness and sensitization, cyber research, cyber security consultancy, development of social change software and mobile applications, promotion of human and digital rights, as well as digital safety training.

The Tech IQ Code-IT Academy is an IT Institution that promotes IT training and services, as it is known for its expertise, knowledge and experience in the IT Industry in the country. The institution has presence both in Zambia and Sweden respectively.

Both the Innovage Investments Ltd and Tech IQ Code-IT Academy Technology Hub companies that contribute to the IT Industry by offering solutions in the Tech Hub through the provision of software application services, UI/UX and 2D/3D design studio, advanced cybersecurity services, tech education (EdTech), IoT, smart farming, smart cities, and AI+Automations.