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Kabushi by election hangs in balance after Independent candidate opts out


Independent candidate in Thursday’s Kabushi parliamentary candidate Albert Yombwe has withdrawn from the race citing uneven playing field.

According to the Electoral Process Act under Section 31(2), the law requires the cancellation of elections and calling for fresh nominations whenever a candidate withdraws.

Mr Yombwe whose campaign symbol was an umbrella has since written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Returning Officer in the Kabushi by election stating that the ruling UPND has been given undue advantage in the campaign period.

Mr Yombwe also alleges that his supporters have been beaten and are now sacred to go out and campaign.

“I write to inform you that pursuant to Article 52 (6) of the Constitution of Zambia, I have resigned and withdrawn my candidature from the forthcoming Kabushi Constituency by election scheduled for September 15th 2022 due to unfair practices on the part of other candidates in the campaign which includes distribution of money to the electorates as seen in some videos and beating up of people by the UPND. My campaign team has since been afraid to freely campaign,” Mr Yombwe wrote.


  1. Now Honorable Lusambo will file in his Nominations. Let’s have a fair playing ground.
    May the best candidate carry the day

    • Unfortunately its not up to ECZ, you have to amend the law …you can not blame the dumb foool Lusambo blame yourselves for not participating in constitution amendment processes.

  2. Elections were nullified because of corruptions, and now this. People are really not scared of the toothless ACC now. They know that it just summons and it ends there. The PF will surely never change their ways

  3. We will even ask the young boy in Kwacha to withdraw in order to allow Big Joe Malanji to contest.

    UPND is not smarter than Zambians.

    • There it is …this chap Henry here is even proud of such moves, this blogger has no shame indeed…you are thick as porridge in your head…you think such move is smart, they just bring voter apathy swinging in the Ruling Party’s favour. You are the same people who think Helicopter Malanji is very smart to enrich himself quickly off taxpayers funds.

  4. Well crafted, well calculated, and well schemed approach by the PF. The plan was always to throw in an independent candidate in there, to delay the process and let the banned guys get a chance to get onto nomination papers

    • Tarino whatever you call yourself, you may insult or abuse me but I can assure you that Zambians are smarter than UPND.

      You will continue wasting your time on this platform and no one will hear you.

    • Henry – Nevermind UPND as that is what you are fixated on like I always used say Zambia is bigger than any Political Party including PF.

  5. This was the plan all along and it’s now being put into action. This time let those two file in their nominations and let the voters decide.

  6. Is it only good when upnd bribes a candidate in Kabwata to withdraw?
    Mwanya, every1 has a right to b on the ballot. Only voters can reject a candidate. Ku Kwacha do the same quickly quickly. So Malanji can oso balance the ballot

  7. I thought that with the departure from State House of the Chawama Mafia and the arrival of the Community House Smarties we were going to see decency in our political arena. But it’s instead gotten more rotten.

  8. If there is vote buying and videos are there to testify that there is vote buying,what is ACC doing? this shows how bias ACC is towards the opposition, well done Mr Yombwe we now waiting for Kwacha can they also do something.Today you stop your friends from going to churches to gain political mileage the follwing day you the same people in front in the churches,Bishops check yourselves mmmmmmmmm.

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