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Changala says DPP is under siege as Siyunyi says her life is under threat


Human rights defender Brebner Changala says Director of Public Prosecutions Lilian Siyunyi has been unfairly treated.

And Ms. Siyunyi says her life is in danger after the government withdrew all her security.
Speaking on the Red Hot Breakfast Show on Wednesday, Mr Changala said the office of the DPP is under siege by President Hakainde Hichilema and his close allies.

“We know they have always wanted her out, infact, they approached her through some emissaries that she vacates office and haver her appointed as a Judge in the Court of Appeal but before that process was concluded, they started scandalising her over the Milingo issue which they themselves caused when they agreed to meet Ms. Siyunyi and Milingo and offered him immunity,” Mr Changala said.

Mr Changala said withdrawing security from Ms. Siyunyi when she is still in office is unfortunate.

“The fact remains that Ms. Siyunyi is still the DPP and she should be allowed to enjoy the full benefits that come with that office until such a time when she vacates the office.”

Mr. Changala has since advised Ms. Siyunyi to go ahead and testify before the Judicial Complaints Commission in order to protect her name.

In a BBC interview, Ms. Siyunyi, who was appointed by the previous government, has fallen out with the new administration and is a subject of complaints against her professional conduct at the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC).

She has refused to appear before the JCC arguing that her constitutional oath of secrecy first needed to be lifted by President Hakainde Hichilema before she could appear before the body.

As one of highest constitutional office holders in Zambia, the DPP swears an oath of secrecy which in part reads: “I will not directly or indirectly reveal or transmit any information or matter as shall be made known to me by reason of my office except as may be required in the discharge of my duties as such or with the authority of the president.”

Ms Siyunyi told the BBC that both the president and the attorney general had denied her request.

She complained that despite the waiver being denied, the JCC had proceeded with the hearing of the complaints against her.

Ms Siyunyi added that if she responded to any of the charges against her before the lifting of her oath of secrecy, she would be breaking the constitution and committing a crime.

“I have had to escape from home on more than three occasions” after threats from known ‘operatives’.”

“I am not at all saying that I am above the law but that there must be total compliance with the provisions of the constitution of Zambia which we all must uphold if we are to uphold the rule of law and protect human rights for all,” she said.

Presidential spokesperson, Anthony Bwalya in a brief statement said, “The DPP issue is before the JCC for further determinations. We will not allow the President and the Presidency to be unduly drawn into this matter.”


  1. Why is the constituion being ablogated now?what does the law say on the DPP to appear before the JCC? can some one elaborate.Why have we become so dull or are we pretending not to know what we know. kkkkkkkkkk yaba chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi

  2. UPND what are you going to do for mother Zambia apart from being a puppet of the West….so HH is worse than Lungu and it looks like the is some serious looting going on behind the scenes

  3. The writing was clearly on the wall the moment PF lost power that the likes of Siyni must also pack and go. It was like Annel Silungwe after Kaunda lost, the *****ic fool did not realise it was time up until he was swept out of the bench.

  4. So she’s not fit to appear before any tribunal or hearing as she is unwell ..according to her lawyer…but is fit to chat with the BBC? Her matter can be heard on camera do grant her the ‘freedom’ she wants rather than hide behind the ‘constitution’ so as not to answer for her actions…

  5. “I will not directly or indirectly reveal or transmit any information or matter as shall be made known to me by reason of my office except as may be required in the discharge of my duties as such or with the authority of the president.”
    It’s required of her to come out clean on complaints against her office hence forewith (is this a word..???)she doesn’t require Bally to lift the oath of shameful secrecy. She will not break any of our useless Zambian Laws.

  6. Siyuni should just speak and rrpond to questions. She should say it as it is, why, she will still be performing her duties. So the people she is trying to protect are 5he ones asking her to talk. Please talk before it is too late. Do not go to the grave with info loh.

  7. So HH is just a Politician and to the look of things he wants to be control of the ECZ….brace yourselves for vote maniputation…

  8. The withdrawal of security from the DPP is part of the rule of law that we were promised and are always reminded that it’s been restored


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