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UPND Sesheke MP Kang’ombe attacks Judges, asks President HH to clean up system


UPND Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe has sensationally attacked the integrity of the Zambian judiciary by claiming that some Judges and Magistrates are still PF sympathisers.

Mr. Kang’ombe’s statement follows a High Court decision to grant a stay to former MPs Bowman Lusambo and Joe Malanji for Kabushi and Kwacha bye elections respectively for the ECZ to halt the elections.

In a Facebook post, Mr Kang’ombe claimed that Zambia still have magistrates and Judges who openly say they will never jail a PF member.

“We had almost the entire system that never wanted the President to be closer to the corridors of power. We have the same Judiciary which dribbled us in 2016 and expect it to be impartial. It’s like expecting Satan to Repent. God doesn’t help those who do not help themselves,” he said.

Mr Kang’ombe claimed that the Zambian people will never be mad with us for acting accordingly because that’s what they wanted and expected from the one go, clean and clean the system.

“We changed Presidency, Cabinet, PSs and DCs. The entire rank and file is one that is totally soiled in corruption and can’t be trusted to help in the cause. We talk to the ground on a daily basis, their sentiments are indefensible. We are core leaders in this and we need to complement each other.”

He added, “The insulation around Presidency is unfortunately going to cost all of us. I’m still traumatized by some events in the past and I have never used emotions in my precisions. This isn’t for HE to act alone, many appointees have the power, in a smart way do the needful.”

“Some of us do not want any appointment but be of service through the existing Privileges we have and as such, I will not be shy to speak and offer my village advice. That walk of shame by the President is unacceptable and should have been avoided. You can’t subject the Presidency to such kind of treatment noooo Where are the Intelligence Appointees and agencies? Are they with You Sir?,” he questioned.

He added, “Trust your soldiers who have been with you on the battlefields. We speak with the less privileged ones, we speak with the true Zambians who are suffering. Their expectations could have been achieve the Ruto way.”


  1. Mr MP tone your tongue. this is why Zambian are thinking that you have a hard in every ECZ decision they are making. You make the UPND Government to be a Bad Government. Just Keep quiet, the law will take its cause. We need to trust in our judicial system. if not , this is bad for Mother Zambia

    • But kalitumpa kachikkala ka Kangombe zooona, insulting Ba Mumba Malila like that?
      Can someone slap him for me please?

    • Mr. Dull MP Kangombe judicial system is not about sympathy, it’s about professionalism. I can’t imagine a law maker to sink so low in the head. Do you mean upnd should replace all Zambians from previous governments with your caders at the expense of professionalism? You are so so dull Mr. cheap praise singer

    • He is telling the truth. If law allowed PF to hire and fire the judges, then HH should use the same the same law to hire and fire judges. You cannot cry about the law you created when it comes to bit you. HH should definitely clean out the government and hire his own people. That part is his right. The government is part of the executive, and all of its employees work for the president.

  2. What kind of law-maker is this who never wants the executive to be held accountable by the judiciary and the legislature? Is Zambia not a modern constitutional democratic state anchored on the principle of checks and balances where each of the three arms of government of the executive, legislature and judiciary have specific functions to perform but hold each other in check through the countervailing force of one against the others? Is this the first time in the history of Zambia that the judiciary has been able to rule against the executive? Was the judiciary not able to rule against the executive under Kaunda’s UNIP, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda’s MMD, Sata and ECL’s PF? What is so special about HH’s UPND that when the executive in government fails to observe clearly laid down…

    • He is not saying that the government should not be held accountable. What he is saying is that the government should exercise the same provisions under the law that allowed PF to fill the judiciary with PF judges to fire all those PF judges and hire all UPND judges. You may not like the principle, but if the law is written and has been exercised this way, then let UPND exercise it this way as well. You people cannot now cry, because the law you wrote is now coming to bite you. MP Kangombe has said nothing with regard to parliament. Let the rules of parliament which have always been there be the rules that are there now. If they inconvenience the opposition, so be it. They made that bed, let them lie on it.

  3. … constitutional limits, as is the case with its apparent meddling in the affairs of the ECZ, the executive’s powers cannot be challenged by the judiciary? Is MP Kangombe in his right senses to think the judiciary should always rule in favour of the executive regardless of the merits and demerits of any case before them? Is he in his right senses to suggest replacing serving judges with those that are beholden to the UPND? What country does Kangombe wish to have that has government filled with people loyal to the UPND and predominantly hailing from the Western, Southern, Central and Northwestern Provinces? How does Kangombe expect people who are not UPND and hail from other provinces of Zambia to feel? Can there be unity of purpose in Zambia this way? As late South African leader Nelson…

  4. … Mandela once said, Africa’s political conflicts and instabilities are a result of having people lacking in political talent being at their countries’ helm. Zambia deserves better than having political leaders of Hon. Kangombe’s caliber! For Hon. Kangombe’s own information, these judges we have today, unlike himself, have been trained at great cost to the country and have been in service for many years. Some have even been there before PF came into power. They are in the employ of the state and not of a particular political party. It is warped thinking to suggest judges should be in the employ of a party in government.

    • Do not complicate things. What the MP is saying is that the legal provisions that were once used by PF and MMD to shape the judiciary should not be used by UPND to do the same thing. You cannot argue the principle. UPND did not write the law; it is merely exercising it.

  5. This is very dispointing for the MP to say such and attact the judges.Why do you want always to be in your favour? is that what rule of law means,no one is guilt until proven guilt ,please can we be serious with what we are doing.This is very serious to see the judicially been attacked,why attacting the system,and the system should not be quiet it is time the system rose to the occation and stop this mess now and forever.

    • No it is not. He is not forcing the judges to render the decisions he wants. He is criticising them as is his right as a citizen of the country. There is no law that says one cannot criticise the judiciary. If the judges in power were chosen because they were PF judges, then it is time to use the same legal provision that allowed such a thing to happen, to fill the judiciary with PF judges. Do not cry, you PF and MMD wrote the law. UPND is merely exercising it, the way you did in your time in power.

  6. You can tell from the picture, that HH was extremely uncomfortable sitting next to this empty head ( Kangombe ) who blogs on lusakatimes as #SPAKA

    • xFactor – So this boy Kangombe is Spaka? This can not true Spaka is located in the UK and when this boy was doing time in prison under PF…Spaka was blogging on LT.

    • Kangombe is completely right. I hope HH heeds his advice and hires all UPND judges, and then that these judges go on a vendetta and prosecute PF/MMD with a vengeance. That retribution is the only way people will think twice about enacting legislation that vexes their opponents and extends their stay in power. If that happens, the law will change to make the judiciary trully independent of the political party in power.


    • The MP is completely right. He is saying that UPND should exercise the law as PF did to fire all the PF judges and appoint all UPND judges. That apparently is the law of Zambia. UPND did not write it; UPND should exercise the law, as an avowed party of the law.

  8. Hey ela! Ka’cow you sound so corrupt right now. Looks like the rule of law is failing you.
    Stop politicking while you and your cohorts learn to appreciate that your perception of fellow Zambian citizens are still protected by the courts of law.
    Your Government has failed to nail any allegations leveled against PF Government members concerning corruption to jail.
    You are embarrassing your top man especially that he is on Job on Training.
    It is interesting to note that he may be getting advice from quacks like ka’cow.
    The hijacking of the ECZ by the likes of ka’cow has led thus far.
    There is nothing wrong with our judges and our courts a d their interpretation of the law but everything dead wrong with the h² led administration.

    • You may not like how wants to apply the law against PF, but MMD and PF wrote the law like this so that they could use it against UPND. It is still the law of the land, so let HH fire the judges and hire his own UPND judges. It is the law; it is how Lungu and Satan were able to hire all PF judges. No one can argue against obeying the law

    • He is very educated. He is requesting that HH exercise the law as PF did when it used the law to fill judiciary with PF judges. If UPND exercises the law the same way, it can fill the judiciary with UPND judges. I do not think there is anyone here who would object to obeying the law.

  9. The UPND promised to uphold the rule of law unlike the lawlessness that characterised the PF regime. So if the court says Lusambo and Malanji must be allowed to stand, so be it. We shall meet them in the campaign battle field. And if the electorate in those two areas vote for them again we shall certainly respect the people’s choice

    • The law allows the UPND to hire its own judges the same way that it allowed Lungu and Sata to hire PF judges. You cannot invoke only the part of the law you like. Let UPND fire all the PF judges, then hire UPND judges and revisit this elections issue again with those new UPND judges.

    • What the good MP is saying is that UPND should obey and exercise the law as PF did. It should fire all PF judges and appoint all UPND judges using the same legal mechanism PF did when it put all PF judges in the judiciary

  10. I think Romeo Kangombe has some kind of mental illness, he needs assistance. It’s very unfortunate that he’s made such an inflammatory statement at a time other UPND zealots are reportedly protesting against the Deputy Council Secretary in Lukulu for being an Easterner. They want him replaced by a Lozi. These people must be tamed without delay

    • Well, I do not support tribalism, but the tribalism of PF/MMD is coming back to bite them. They wanted only northerner and easterners in the government, and so even in the South, Central, the West and the Northwest, you local jobs filled by people from the north and the east. Now, the people in those areas are demanding that people from their areas be hired in their areas. If Lungu had practised the tribal balancing of Kaunda, instead of the blatant tribalism of Michael Sata(n) and Chiluba, the people in these provinces would not be demanding tribalism in their favour. Do not cry, you started this nonsense.

  11. Kangombe is right………

    I am surprised HH has not engineered cleaning that concourt………

    The likes of that judge , Palan…….

  12. Now this MP why is he bleaming the judges? what is the work of a judge? its to give judgement and they was judgement passed, so he is saying a good judgement should be fevering the UPND noooooo and what happened to the president all you UPND membership and the praise singers are to blame because you thing you are too knowledgeable to make such mistakes, coz even a common man on the street is laughing at you the UPND. if you continue with your conduct i believe expect more of finger pointing .

    • He is saying that UPND should clear out the court and replace all the PF judges with UPND judges. He is saying that UPND should use the same legal mechanism in loading the court with PF judges to load the court with UPND judges. He is advocating for upholding the law

  13. Lack of TRUST in YOUR Judicial System is one factor undermining democracy and every issue ends – up being evaluated as political.
    If HH was to clean up the current office bearers claimed to be PF, who will HH be replacing them with? Then it becomes a cycle…….That got to STOP !!!
    In my opinion, there is NOTHING for PF to celebrate because the Court has NOT decided on the Eligibility of both Malanji and Bowman. With the equal token, UPND should NOT think of the president as being ashamed for him doing his campaign while the courts put the election on hold. What is going on, to me is democracy playing out, let all the paths be exhausted. But blaming HH for everything is simply NOT helping. The fact that HH was caught unaware, is a blessing in disguise because it proves that HH has no…

  14. Cont`d
    But blaming HH for everything is simply NOT helping. The fact that HH was caught unaware, is a blessing in disguise because it proves that HH has no hand in the judicial decision. The crap from Kangombe should be IGNORED.

  15. The minister of Home affairs should be replaced with Romeo kangombe

    GRZ is being too soft with these PF criminals………..

  16. You are witnessing the disappearance of Kaizar Zulu. I told you he was the real one. After my last posting they begun to zero in on him. He might appear here to puke out two or more insults. But rest assured they are kicks of a dying horse.

    • Mwepu Chilenga _ How daft can you be surely you will say that girl Sharon who used to post from the US was based in Zambia…no wonder oppressve laws are passed right infront of you because you are interested in useless issues and farts.

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