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HH to attend the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly


President Hakainde Hichilema will travel to New York to attend the 77th Session of the United Nations (UN), General Assembly, from 18th to 22nd September 2022.

The President is scheduled to address the General Assembly during the High-level General Debate in New York on 21st September 2022.

The theme for this year’s General Debate is A Watershed Moment: Transformative Solutions to Interlocking Challenges.

This is contained in a statement to the media  signed by Acting Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Mulambo Haimbe.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the President will participate in several high-level meetings, including:

  • The 2022 SDG Moment
  • Transforming Education Summit
  • High-Level Leaders’ Dialogue Meeting
  • Climate Finance Dialogue.

Additionally, the President is scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General; Ms. Kristalina Georgieva, International Monetary Fund Managing Director; Mr. David Malpass, World Bank President, and Ms. Samantha Power, United States Agency for International Development Administrator.

In line with the Government’s commitment to continue creating and fostering meaningful partnerships that will bolster the Zambian economy, Mr. Hichilema will also attend the Zambia Investor Forum, US-Africa Business Forum.

In the meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations, Mr Hichilema will, among other issues, outline the steps Zambia has taken to carve its path to economic recovery in line with the aspirations of the people.

The President will use these high-level engagements with strategic partners to continue to highlight the socio-economic interventions that Zambia has employed in the last one year, to stabilize and restore the economy and the path ahead.

Mr Hicfhilema has continued to reiterate government’s objective of transforming the country into an industrialised nation in order to unlock economic opportunities that will spur inclusive development, employment and improved livelihoods for Zambians.

The President is scheduled to return to Zambia immediately after his engagements in New York.


  1. Don’t you think he looks like a clown with those white gloves….don’t we have someone who can dress the President appropriately…and what’s the purpose of these UNGA … wonder Trump wanted the UN Hq to be removed from New York…it’s useless….just a bunch of old Men entertaining themselves with New York hookers and shopping

    • To small countries, addressing the UN is just a waste of time, but what matters are side businesses meeting so yes to going.

    • He surely is a coconut. Have you ever seen HH dressed in African attire? Never!
      Because he has an inferiority complex that tells him that one only looks good when he is dressed like white people. Kukulila ku mudzi.
      When you arrive in town and find other follow fashion monkeys pa Lusaka July, you want to outdo them so that you are not identified as bakumudzi or rural dweller.

  2. For what purpose sure imwe these trips day in, day out from time immemorial?

    The UN & all its agencies were designed to preserve white power!

    Surely, how can we allow a continent (Europe) with only 1/5 of of the World population hold 2 seats on the UN Security Council , and yet Africa- the largest voting block in the UN general assembly / and a much bigger population than Europe, have zero power…?

    Yet our African leaders keep attending this and many other stupid UN meetings…

    • Its not like the world will stop spinning if HH isnt there. So why waste our hard earned money for such shopping trips? Kulibonesha? And the UPND cabinet is silent sure? They used to open their mouths 24/7 whenever Lungu did this Marcopolo thing

    • We should break away! But we are so disorganised and full of inferiority complexes that option is off the table. We can only follow our masters and continue feeding on the crumbs from the table.

  3. 6 thick women are here waiting for you. 5 dayz and 6 fcking nights on free sex-vaccation?, he just been on holiday in Kabushi, acting like a PF, and you let him go about to do nothing? This trip is only good for your guards at your New Kasama get some needed sleep.

  4. Anyway UNGA is here let me make my money……I have 3 DC to New York round trips for the next 48hrs……thats some good money at least am not banking on the US$1.3 hand out like Spaka and Tarino Orange….I drive UBER for a living and am content….HH is busy enjoying the US$1.3 billion whilst Hospitals are running out of ARV’s…..

  5. HH loves trips yakubazungu. How I wish he can also undertake local trips and interact with the local people and get to know the challenges in detail

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